Saturday, March 9, 2013

Twenty nine years ago today..

With all the happening with Mommy, I forgot about our anniversary.
I came back last night exhausted and went straight to bed.
HOBL couldn't sleep so I guess at around 2 am I heard him
ask me in my sleep stupor if I remembered it was our anniversary today.
I must have gone back to sleep as I don't remember if I answered him.
This morning I get a Happpy Anniversary from my Bestie Ann 
who tells me that she knew because HOBL wrote something 
on Facebook. He doesn't remember much that HOBL
but for him to write a "Love letter" on my wall was a sweet thing
to do. He makes me laugh, it's probably one of the reasons we
have made it this far.
So what can I say about a marriage of 29 years that I have not already
said probably a thousand times.
Even after 29 years, we still have hard times, they are less and less
hardly ever happening now, but still, we have them.
I know there must be things I do that drive him crazy just as
he does things that I can scream over but it's too easy
to "throw in the towel" these days.
If you stay committed for a long time it will be worth it.
Having a hubby with OCD can be challenging.
Many times I have to bite my tongue and let things go
because of this disease. HOwever, I am sure there are many 
things I do that he bites his tongue and lets slide without
putting me down. There is one good thing about an OCD Hubby,
you never, ever have to write a "honey do" list because
he fixes things before they break and always has a project going
to better the home. Yes, it can drive you crazy but it is also 
kind of nice. 
I often tell people the secret to our marriage is that
I am very sacrcastic but he always things I am joking and
laughs, even when I am as serious as a heart attack.
He has his ways as do I.
We can drive each other crazy but still we are here.
It hasn't been an easy year for us, but there are many more
good times than bad and even after all we have been through,
I cannot see us not together.
We grew up together and not to have him in my life 
would be like having part of my life gone.
Happy Anniversary HOBL.
I wish us many more, happy ones though, 
not the crazy ones.
Lol, love you.

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  1. Awesome!!! You are a great couple! :)