Friday, March 29, 2013

In love with Pope Frances

I have not yet spoken much on the topic of our former
Pope retiring. I believe he had that right and I am sure it
was not done for all the reasons people gossip about it.
The fact is, I believe God had his hand in it, and am
more convinced when I hear the stories of our new
Pope Frances.
He reminds me of Robin Hood.
The first thing Pope F. did that impressed me,
he refused to ride in the Pope motorcade that was bullet proof.
Instead, he rode in an open car and during his ride 
he spotted a very handicapped man and his family moving
to the front of the motorcade.
He stopped the procession, got down and prayed over 
this most handicapped family, got back in the motorcade and
continued on to the balcony.
In his first speech to all there to listen he stressed
"If you are saving your money to come here to visit
the holy land,  use it instead to feed the poor.
On the CAtholic channel on Sirius radio there is more.
He is not moving into the Pope apartments rather,
wants to live in the apartments where all the cardinals were
housed while voting for Pope was taking place.
It is all he needs, also rode on the bus with his fellow Popes
after he became our Pope, instead of alone in the vehicle offered to him.
I believe he will do wonders not only for the Catholic church
but for all who call themselves Christians.
Such an exciting time in our Catholic world.

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  1. So true! He is a very impressive person who is well grounded and compassionate! He is truly extraordinary!