Wednesday, March 13, 2013

short but needed

Once again, as I prepare to leave for the little ol' town
of Thibodaux, I ask for prayers for my little mommy.
She is in ICU having had a heart attack last night.
We have all made peace with the fact that our dear Mother
is dying, has even said she is tired and ready a few times
yesterday but landed up needing the hospital due to the suffering
she was in. It is the one thing we promised her, we will 
not allow her to suffer.
May God listen to the prayers of my family, 
the prayers of our Mother and give her everlasting peace
with Him. 


  1. Amen! Praying!

    1. Prayers for your sweet Mommy and your entire family. I never met her in person but you have given us all a chance to "know" what a beautiful, precious soul she is. She has made me smile many days thru your awesome words. Thanks for sharing her with us.

      In thoughts and prayer....Becky Maggio