Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sink Hole in a bedroom??? Really??

If ever you are at a loss for a blog topic or something
to journal about, all you have to do is open a newspaper
and there you will find numerous things to spark a writing.
Yesterday as I cooked duck for my poor HOBL who
has been sick, I lay out my newspaper on the kitchen cabinet
I stand at the read and cook and right away there are three
things I want to journal about.
The one I choose to blog about today is the sink hole
in the home in Florida.
Some things in life just seem unreal to me.
We have heard so much about sink hole lately because
of the one in Lafourche Parish that has grown and caused
many to evacuate their homes.
At least these people have a warning, this poor man in 
Florida had none. He went to bed that night with no 
knowledge that it would be his last.
To hear the brother talk of jumping into the sink hole
to try and save his brother because he could hear him screaming.
The brother had to actually land up being rescued from
the hole himself and to this day, his brother has
still not been found. They presume he is dead as
they have heard no sign of life in over 24 hours.
Now they have begun demolition on the family home
as the surviving brother watches and hopes to at least find
the remains of his brothers body. This just seems so 
surreal. I can't imagine the feeling of hearing one
of my siblings screaming for help and I not being able
to get to them, to find them and then the sound
becomes silent. Silent to my screams, silent to my questions.
What did they say to each other?
Did they share their love for each other,
did one promise to find his brother?
I do not know how you ever get over something such as this.
Our Big Man, he is trying to tell us so much
and still, corruption remains in the world,
hatred and greed, selfishness and hatefulness.
Spend time with family, with those who you love,
spend no time arguing over pettiness, try and live
in harmony with others.
Heading to Thibodaux today to do just that,
Love up on my Mommy.

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