Tuesday, March 12, 2013

such a beautiful love story.

Since I read these obituaries one morning while drinking coffee
at the Manor I have been intrigued.
What a love story must be behind the deaths of these two people.
It is just an obituary, no explanation as to how they died,
only that at the age of 91 and 96, after many years of marriage
and the sharing of a whole lifetime together, 
they passed to the next world within 24 hours of each other.
As a nurse of over thirty years, there are many stories of the elderly
dying not long after the other, three months being the most common time
of the deaths. Never have I heard of such a story that within 24 hours.
It touches me to the core of my being and does not make me sad.
Rather, makes me happy inside to think that Mr. Floyd went
first and then probably waited right there, at the "Pearly gates"
we so often speak of, for his bride, to once again carry her
over the threshold of Heaven, where they will together wait
for the rest of the ones they love to meet them there.
There they will make a home worthy, awaiting the rest of the "gang"
they call family.

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