Monday, March 4, 2013


Blogging via iPad so bear with me.
It has been decided by my sisters that Mommy can
No longer stay alone especially at night. 
Every night around the same time she has a bout of chest pains
And shortness of breath around 8/ 9 and she has to be reassured
What is wrong, giving a Tylenol and Benadryl and down she goes
For the most of the evening. 
Last night she said, 
"I am so,glad I'm not by myself because I would panic. "
And that is what was happening before. 
There are two things my sisters are adamant about, she 
Will not be alone and afraid and she will not 
Die alone so we keep our vigil and are so thankful for each other. 
This brings me to my Internet story. 
Nights are long at the manor when the Mommy goes to bed at 7. 
I love my Internet at home but could not see adding wireless to moms
Cable bill so I went to radio shack to see about a pre paid card
That I could use just when I was here. 
He suggested I go to the new AT&T store right in front
Of his establishment since it is my wireless service. 
There I was so lucky to be paired with a young man named 
Justin. Young and a cutie and oh so helpful. 
I explained my delima and that I wanted the cheapest way
To get Internet. He showed me the plug in sticks that would 
Have costed 50 dollars plus a two year contract plus 
An added 20 dollars to my bill. 
Well for the little time I need it I didn't want to go this route and he 
Understood. He walked me to a computer and looked up my 
Account and began working. Even called in a manager that helped
So much and I regret I didn't get her name. 
After a half hour, he figured out that by changing my plan to 
A family share plan adding enough gigabytes, I
Could use my cell phone as my wireless mode
To get the Internet. He did not stop there. 
He then showed me exactly what to do,when I needed to
Use the service and how to shut it off to save the 
Amount of memory we have so I don't go over and get 
A great big bill. Justin and his manager even pre-warned  me
That when the bill comes in it will be an outragous number the first time
And for me not to panic, to just come by or call him and
He will make the adjustments necessary to fix the account 
At the price we speak of today. 
After all this, I await the final monthly total, which, by the way, 
I am not locked in to and can change back anytime I want 
With no penalty, he tells me what my new monthly
Note will be......
It is 5 dollars more than what I pay now
Give or take a few bucks!!
This young boy could have tried to push me to lock in two
Years and buy a device I didn't need but he didn't. 
He listened to my story of Mom being sick, he shared
 Stories of his own elderly grandparents. 
Once we finished and I thanked him over and over,
Told him I was going to have good things to say
About his service, he still was not
Finished with me. He came from behind the desk
To not shake my hand but to hug me. 
He walked me to the door, opened the door for me like a true 
Gentleman and told me I could call or text him with anything I needed
And that he would pray for the best outcome for my mommy..
That right there is a true gentleman. 
That right there is the type of employee any employer
Should not only look for but fight to keep 
On their team
I sent him a private message via Facebook last night
But that was not enough. A blog entry in his name,
Thank you again, Justin!

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