Friday, March 15, 2013

Ms Hazel Rome

(Blogging from iPad excuse any mistakes)
After the most refreshing day and night with my Mommy
I come out into the dining area to have my coffee while 
I let mommy sleep " just a little while longer"
 Here comes MS. Hazel Rome. How I love this woman
And I decide this morning is the morning I wil tell
Her just how important her influence was to my 
Love of reading, my love of writing.
She comes and sits near me when I call her name..
She is almost deaf now so she has to be close and look 
At your face to understand you.
She sits with me, still the same teacher I remember. 
She is always well dressed, hair is done in the same 
Manner it was when I had he in 7th and 8th grade.
" Because of you, Ms. Rome I love to read," 
I begin. She gets teary- eyed says that it's too much
That I have made her day but I tell her there is more.
I thanked her for always being strict because when I went 
To her class I knew there would be no nonsense 
And because I loved her class I would learn there.
I share with her how I journal and write in my journals 
Often and began that the year I had her as a teacher.
She is responsible, the force behind my love of
Reading, writing and grammar.
I am a stickler for proper grammar and use of
Proper words, she is the reason for that.
She is beyond grateful and we talk about this for about 15 
Minutes. She thanks me profusely for sharing that
Because it has made her day.
She then shares with me a story of my daddy.
" that Freddie he was such a clown and I was 
Serious about my learning. The one time I ever got
In trouble in school was because of Freddie. 
We were upstairs in Math class with mr. miller
Ans he was determined to get me to laugh.
Finally he did something and I burst out laughing" 
She said it was the only time she ever went to the office 
For her behavior. After that she made sure to
Sit away from him after that day.
What a wonderful way to start the day.
Ms. Hazel Rome is the leading force
Behind my writings and my correct grammar.
This blog would not be possible if she had 
Not taught me from
"Bell to bell" 
As she reminds me how she taught.
I am so glad I was able to share that with her.
She is one special little lady.


  1. Lily this is so beautiful. I am so grateful to you for sharing this with me and especially for the kindness you showed mom. I don't see her enough. I especially LOVED finding out that she actually went to the principle's office...she has NEVER fessed up to that to any of us kids it..can't wait to talk to her on Sunday so i can let her know that I know...but she might not even remember. Her body too is old and tired. Thank you again for taking the time to care. I will pray for your mother. thanks. Mary