Thursday, March 14, 2013

two years ago...

I am a day late on the blog of Bean's second birthday.
This morning I am in Plaquemine, heading to Thib. soon
to spend the night with my Mommy
but could not let another day go by without talking of our
dear, sweet Bean.
I am looking through  photos to use and the above,
her first professional picture and cannot believe
that picture was taken two years ago already.
This little girl, she came and  changed all our lives.
She has made everything fun again, made the world
so much more fun.
I adore her, she is my salvation during this time in my life
and just as when I had my own children, I 
have the thought that there is no way I could love another
grandchild as much as this one.
Also, just like when I had my own, I did have more love
for the other baby and I am a better person because of her.
Just as if the Big Man blesses us with other grandchildren,
the life we have now will even be more fulfilling.
I can go on and on about this little pixie, how special she
is, how funny she is, how loving she can be,
yet, I would be repeating the same blog I probably have
written so many times since she was born.
I never knew the love of a grandmother, what all the
hoopla was about that others spoke of.
There is no words to explain how this love works,
how it fills you.
When she says, "Musie" I melt.
A funny story, I am to be called Mumsie but when 
Bean says it, it sounds more like "Musie" and sometimes
even sounds like "Muazie" which is mildew in cajun french.
I do believe as she grows I may just be the mildew in her life.
Funny, funny, funny things this little girl brings us.
Last night as so many of us sat around the Thibodaux ICU
waiting room, she was there to bring us laughter, was able
to spend time with so many of our family members who don't
get to see her that often.She is a delight to all who meet her.
Thank you so much to the Big Man for sending us this one
to be ours. No other could have taken her place.
 Happy second Birthday, to our sweet, sweet 
I love you to the moon and back,
you make every day worthwhile and every day
I don't get to see you is a day that has something missing.
Our move to Plaquemine was mostly because of the need I 
had to see you often, to get my Bean fix often.
You are the honey to my peanut butter,
the Spenda to my coffee,
you are everything and so much more than I ever wanted 
in a grandaughter. 
I love you  my sweet, sweet Bean,
Love, your mildew, Musie, Mumsie


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