Monday, July 8, 2013

California plane crash

The stories of heroism are beginning
to surface related to the crash of 
the Boeing 777 that emergency landed in 
San Francisco, California.
As usual, I am going to blog about it.
It seems these types of stories always touch
me to the point that I have to make comment.
It is hard to believe, watching the news footage,
hearing the stories, that only two
exchange students, 16 years old, died.
There are some critically ill but all in all 
out of the 300 something passengers,
very few are injured physically.
This morning there is the story of
the stewardess who would not leave the
wreckage before everyone was off the plane.
Even once she evacuated, she calmly spoke
to reporters only to find out later that
she had a broken tailbone.
Adrenalin, it's a wonderful thing in crisis.
There is the other story of an elementary boy
who was traveling alone and was terrified
to go down the slide to safety so the
stewardess that was assigned to him,
brought him to safety on her back.
I can only imagine how grateful his parents are.
Nothing seems to have gone has planned as
when the slides inflated, the inflated
inside the plane instead of outside pinning
two stewardess' under the slides.
Their coworkers used an ax to deflate
the slides and save their friends.
So many awesome stories but lets not forget
the two young girls from another country,
only 16 years old, excited to spend time
in the good ol' US of A, a place
that before, they had only heard of.
I can only imagine their excitement for 
all they were going to see, do, learn.
I think of the families that were going
to be the ones chosen to house them and
show them our beautiful country, waiting at
the airport to pick them up only to find out
that out of the over 300 passengers,
only their young visitors were the ones
who had perished. I wonder, how you make that call?
The call to a foreign land to explain their children 
have died. 
I know many more stories will be heard of,
I also know that although physical bodies are intact,
the mind, the mind will work wonders on the survivors.
Next time I fly, I most certainly will pay better attention
to the announcements prior to take off.
Prayers for all involved.

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