Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Halo K

 I love DC Grill, a small restaurant in Brusly.
After having a pedicure, decided was going to treat myself
to a burger and a reading session via iPad.
I sit at my favorite table, it is the one by the large window
that sits 6 people. I am alone but the table is empty so I can sit there.
I set up my iPad and begin to read as I wait for the best burger ever.
I notice outside my window two young gentlemen speaking
with an older gentlemen that I believe is the owner of the grill.
They are looking towards my window but not through it.
They are speaking of a spot on the glass that they are cleaning.
I am intrigued. The window is being cleaned and
a decal is being put on the window, right below the hours
they are opened. 
This is not an "open" sign.
Much love is going into the placement of this decal.
The owner is holding the decal on while one of the
younger men is rubbing every inch with a credit card,
making sure it adheres correctly and well.
they finally pull the backing off the decal and step back
to look at their work.
I can now see what it was they were placing there.
The picture is my view from inside,
a K with a halo on top. 
The men all hug, long hugs, a hug that has meaning.
The younger men head to their vehicle, I think one of
them is trying to hold back tears.
The older owner comes back into the DC grill.
I have to ask, 
"I watched you guys put up the decal, I watched how careful
you all were in its placement. May I ask?"
He begins to tell the story of the K...
Over the weekend of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo
a young man from Brusly fell out of the back of a truck 
and died from complications of the head injury he succumbed.
This young boy meant a lot to DC Grill.
The owner places the decal there so that forever,
he will be remembered and his parents will know that 
there, Kolby, is honored.
I ask if he worked there and he said no but
his "significant other" did which made him a part of 
the DC grill family. 
I thank him for the story and I promise to pray for the families 
and those who loved him. 
DC Grill is even more now than before,
one of my favorite places.
for a man to honor the life of another is my kind of place.

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