Friday, July 12, 2013

take the pledge

Take the Pledge.
If you didn't do it years ago when Oprah was hot on 
the trail do it now.
I am referring to texting and driving.
What is it about humans that makes them think,
"Not me, I won't wreck if I text"
Then the worst happens and you may be facing
a family in a courtroom trying to explain how
you killed someone while texting.
It isn't like we have not saw and heard enough horror 
stories to know it happens.
I retook the pledge even though I took it years
ago. Why?
Because although I have kept my pledge to not text
and drive, I would be lying if I said I never checked
texts at red lights, while waiting for a train or bridge
or in traffic. Then before you know it
you are answering that text and nothing happens
so next time you might be a little braver 
and read while driving. 
I am done with it. 
I do not want to become one of the statistics
that the website speaks of.
Be a grown-up,
take the pledge, preach it to others
and be proud to say,
"I do not text and drive"

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