Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding tomorrow

Tomorrow Bean and I will head to Thibodaux to witness
the Catholic marriage of Katie Duet and Brent Soignet.
Katie is the one we call "Katie the Neighbor"
because we have so many Katie's in our life.
Oh, but she is so, so, so much more to me than just that.
Katie (shown here with gypsy baby in her senior year)
is a year older than gyspy baby but has always been
closer to me than gypsy.
She and gypsy are so different from each other but Katie
and I share so many things that we love.
She and I were known for spending many nights and days
in my scrap room in Thibodaux making things, sharing
thoughts, parts of our lives.
When we moved to Plaquemine, she is the one who 
came help HOBL and I clean and move.
She has also visited many times here as we
made wedding goodies over this past year.
 Brent, above is a lucky, lucky man.
Girls like Katie don't come by often.
I feel like I have said this before of Katie but
it is worth repeating again.
She will be the kind of wife that will never give Brent 
a reason to doubt or worry about her love for him.
He will come home to home cooked meals, happy 
children, a clean home, and Katie.
She will always make the decisions needed to put him first.
 (Katie and her parents and brother at BB and Kd's wedding)
As a daughter, never have her parents had to worry about her.
I know as her daddy walks her down the aisle tomorrow night,
he will reflect on her growing up years and may want to cry,
but he has no worries about loosing her as she is the kind of
daughter who will always be there for them,
will probably never live far from them and only a phone call
will be needed to get her over there.
She is the kind of daughter who will continue to celebrate
her parents and little brother's birthdays.
She is the best big sister to her brother, Stephen.
We joke with Stephen often that there is no girl in the world
that can treat him the way his Momma and his sister 
treats  him. He agrees, poor girl who has to fill those shoes.
Then there is her Momma, Donna.
Oh I can just about imagine the thoughts Donna is 
feeling. She has raised the finest of the finest,
a daughter who looks just like her and is just as kind as she is.
She knows that her child is not the kind that is easy to find.
I hope she knows that her hard work in raising this child
shines through to others. 
Katie will always be part of her Mommy's line of friends.
She is really just gaining a son, not loosing a daughter.
 So, to my "Katie the neighbor"
Good luck tomorrow, my dear friend!
So many people will be there so I am not sure how
much time we will actually be able to see each other
but please know, I love you so much!
You will always have a special piece of my heart
and I can't wait to share the next chapter of your life with you.
Just think the scrap books we gunna make for all the
little Soignet babies.
Enjoy your day, don't worry about the little things
that may or may not go wrong tomorrow, as 
no one will notice and you have worked so hard on this
wedding that it is time to let it go and time
to enjoy the big picture of the reason for the celebration.
It is not about this one day,
it is about the union you and Brent begin tomorrow 
in front of all those who love the both of you.
I will forever be here for you, for anything you may ever need.
I will say it again,
I love you, Katie the Neighbor!

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