Friday, July 19, 2013

Frank Davis in the fight of his life

If you are like me, you grew up with channel 4 news 
and watching Frank Davis and his wife of 45 years,
Mary Claire cooked for us each Tuesday and
Frank filled us in on the best fishing spots of the time.
When I moved to Plaquemine, that channel was no longer 
available so I lost touch with a most awesome man.
Actually thought he and Mary Claire were still cooking.
This morning I come across the top article and am
saddened to find out that he is struggling for his life,
symptoms being very similar to ALS.
Thankfully it is no ALS but seems to be just as 
hateful as Lou Gehrig's disease in the way it manifests.
It is hard to see a man your grew up with on TV
almost bedridden. Having to sell their dream home
in New Orleans to move to Texas for the best doctors 
and to be close to their only daughter.
One thing that is still there, is the steadfast love
of his faithful wife, Mary Claire.
The article is wonderful and sad all at the same time.
The true meaning of the marriage vows many of us
have taken,
"For better or worse"
As i have reminded myself many times over the last year,
those vows are to stand, made in the presence of God.
Mary Claire inspires me to continue on,
and to remember another famous quote I love,
"This too shall pass"
Many prayers and love to the most awesome
Davis couple and in thanksgiving for being part
of my life, even if it was through TV, for so many years.

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  1. Praying for them! So sad. That is one of my favorite quotes too!