Wednesday, July 3, 2013

consumed with the deaths of firefighterst

Today, on my Daddy and my sis-in-law Donna's birthday
I am consumed with the stories and deaths of all the firefighters
who were killed fighting wild fires.
So many men, so many good men,
Many under the age of 30.
One father of 4 small children under the age of 6.
I watch a news reel of his wife this morning
speaking of text messages they sent to each other on
Sunday prior to his death.
These 19 men knew they were going to die
together, just the way they worked, together.
Somehow they knew they were not coming out.
I just cannot imagine the questions those little children
ask this morning and every morning their daddy does 
not come home.
On the birthday of my daddy I think,
"I am glad I had him until I was an adult of 20"
He was 45 when I was born so the chance of him
living to see me to adulthood, having been shot
in WWII and living with its complications,
I was a lucky one. When he died I remember
being upset with the facts that he would not walk me down 
the aisle, he would not hold my children in his lap.
This morning, I am thankful for the time I did have with him.
The times he spoiled me rotten, knowing that
each day I stayed home from school meant a new
color book, colors or magazine from his grocery shopping.
These little children, they will not have that.
Their memories of their daddy will be those told by their
Mommy. Prayers to all the firefighters who are nothing
but heroes to the world today.

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  1. Love that pic! Praying for those poor families. Praying for you too. :)