Saturday, July 6, 2013

I can get used to this....

Last night, after Bean and I attended the best wedding, ever,
BB and Kd were here to spend their first night
in their new living arrangements.
They  have sold their home and are about to embark
on building the home they have designed themselves.
HOBL and I have been living alone for some time now
but last month gypsy baby semi-moved back home,
Like her things are here but she rarely is.
Now Kd, BB and Bean will be sharing time here
and at Kd's parents.
This morning I awaken early as usual, quietly make my coffee
and play on my computer, same way I begin each morning.
About an hour later I hear,
"I wanna go wake up Musie, I wanna go jump on her bed"
Then the cutest little face comes from her new bedroom space and
I melt once again. Oh to wake up to this little girl some
mornings will be fantastic.
This morning, all my babies under one roof,
gypsy baby having come home this morning after
having a bad dream and back to bed.
Bean sitting next to me eating her trix and talking of
all the fun we had last night,
BB already pacing waiting to go and complete
the packing of the home that sells on Monday
while Kd and i try to leisurely drink our coffee.
Now I know within the next 7 months,
we will not always be as happy as we are this am. 
I know by the time the new home is built they as well
as we, will probably be ready for seperating the families once again.
But for now, for now, I am going to enjoy the company of
one little girl who calls me "MUSIE"

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