Thursday, July 11, 2013

To know your calling

Our Malaina, what a special child.
She is the daughter of HOBL's uncle Jack and 
wife Cindy. She is the baby sister of two teenage brothers
and she is adored by many of us.
She is sweet and kind, loves doing art with her Auntie Lil,
shoot I can brag here and say she loves everything about 
her Auntie Lil. I love her the same.
I call her MeeMee.
I think I am the only one who calls her by a nick name.
Her Mom was a bit older when she had MeeMee
but what a blessing she is to her Mom.
Having had two boys first she longed for a little girl
to love. Boy did she hit the jackpot with this sweetie.
I want to take time today to talk about this child and
her dancing.
You know when you watch a certain child do something
and you know, for a fact, that there is something special,
something different about them.
That is my MeeMee.
The girl does not just dance,
she lives and breathes it.
Having just returned from a dance competition at Disney
and in speaking with her Mom I hear the pride in her voice.
 I share with you just a few of the many dance pictures I
now own. Look at her face in each picture,
look at her form, look at the love she has for the art.
 Watch out Abby Lee and Dance Moms because
I have no doubt this child has already found her calling.
 I can see her in just a few years trying out for 
and making it. 
I have no doubt she will own a dance studio one day.
 Yet, even with all these beautiful pictures of this miracle 
of a child, they speak nothing of the loveliness of MeeMee.
The kindest most gentle child,
the sparkle in her Mother's eye.
I am so honored to know her, to 
be special to her as I know a special child when I see one.
 I love you my dear, MeeMee
without you, I don't think my world or 
your Mommy's world would be just as
wonderful as it is. When the Big Man put you 
in our lives he knew what he was doing.
I will forever, forever be in awe of your talent,
your sweetness, your sense of humor.
Nothing left to be said except.....

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