Friday, July 5, 2013

Katy Perry is a firework

Today, the day after the 4th
I happen on pictures of stars in their stars and stripes garb.
Finding this one of Katy Perry has me
remembering just how much I love this artist.
Not sure why but from her first few songs,
"I kissed a girl and I liked it"
I felt compelled to sing her songs.
Once I watched a bio on her she was one of fave's.
I know, weird, right?
When she married Russel Brand I wondered exactly what
was wrong with this awesome star then
i heard her speak of the way she loved him and
i wished them the best, I wanted it to work for the
most odd couple. It didn't but she doesn't seem to be
suffering. I continue to love her and her music.
As for Russel Brand?
I think she is better without him.
If ever you get a chance, watch the bio show,
Katy Perry, Part of me
She is a family loving, down to earth, star.
Just love this dress on her too,
I mean if you can pull it off, do it!

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  1. The movie about her was awesome! I have a lot of respect for her.