Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today is the day...

Today Is finally the day that My Malaina, my Mee Mee
is coming to spend a few days with her Auntie Lil.
I and she both look forward to this day each summer and
this summer has almost passed us by as school is already 
about to start. Usually her time with me is shared with 
another of the nieces but this time it is alone.
She shared with her Mom that it has been a while since I had
Aunt Lil all to myself.
This makes my heart happy as she is one of the easiest
children to be with. If you want to craft all day,
she is in for that. If you want to watch honey Boo Boo
or Toddlers and Tiara's all day, she is up for that.
She forgets no memories that have been made already.
Ice cream cones at 2 am is on her "to-do" list ever since
we did that a few years ago.
No pressure when time is being spent with her.
I adore this child as I do all my nieces and nephews
but there is something different about my relationship with 
dear Mee Mee. I don't want her to grow up.
I don't want it ever to come to the time where she opts
out of days with Auntie Lil to spend with her 
teenage friends or heavens, a boyfriend!
I need to get my time in before this happens.
And to add to this day, I am also going to 
spend some time with some old friends as 
lunch will be with my newly married, Katie Duet Soignet
(hard to add that Soignet
we have so much to catch up on since the wedding.
There is the back stories of the wedding day as well
as the honeymoon that need to be discussed.
Going get the Ta-Ta's exrayed, Mammo. time,
and then to St. Joseph Manor to visit with Mr. Bill
and my friend who also happens to be his daughter,
Celeste. Hoping Celeste brings her bestie, Kim with her
as I miss them both so much!

Then there is the Sista, Roz, who works at the manor.
From the first time we met her, she became the Collins sista!
A full day a good day.

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