Monday, July 29, 2013

Kidd Kraddik

I, as many others are, devastated by the loss of Kidd Kraddik.
For some, maybe he was just a radio host who you listened to
here and there, but for me, He and his show was a part of my life.
When I worked, it was Kidd's show I listened to on the 
way to work and many mornings I sat in the parking lot
just to hear the end of parts of his show.
His death on Saturday at a golf fund raiser In N.O.
from a brain aneurysm shook many people.
No one I know has done more for ill children and their families.
So many mornings I was brought to tears by something he 
said or did. He adored his daughter, Caroline and supported
her with everything she did. He divorced in 2007 but
was one of those honorable men who never spoke ill
of the mother of his child, held her high even though they
were divorced. Lately I haven't been a follower but
I have his app on my phone and when I walked, listened
to Kidd. Last week he and his awesome radio family,
wrote fake obituaries to each other so when his death
was announced, some thought or hoped it was just a 
ploy. Nope, our dear Kidd is gone and many feel
like they have lost a family member.
I know I do. I could not even listen to the
radio special they had today with the rest of the cast.
May he RIP and may many continue his legacy of changing
the world of very sick children and their families.

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  1. Kidd was awesome and he will be missed very much!!!