Tuesday, July 9, 2013

gypsy baby and the bestie

Today, My gypsy baby is in Mississippi 
visiting her very first friend, her bestie,
Jessica and I am thrilled about it.
When she told me her plans, I went on and on
about how important this is, how much my two besties,
Laurie and Ann wish we had stayed closer
while raising our children but are so happy that
we have, once again, become important to each other.
We can't go back but we can work on the forward part.
If I could write a letter to myself now to be read
at 18, one of the top on the list would be
"Always stay in touch with the besties"
My besties, they know things about me that my own family,
my own HOBL does not know.
Shoot they probably know things about me that I don't even know.
So back to Gypsy's bestie who happens to share
the same name, Jessica (spelled correctly, of course)
They became friends when Jessica moved to the 
bayou with her parents after her daddy finished law school.
They had play dates as young as 4.
Imagine how excited they were when a few years later
they found out that not only was Jessica moving to the
good ol' Tarpon Heights but would be so close
that we shared a driveway between our homes.
They became inseparable. They went to different schools
and yet, every waking moment that they were home, they
were together. They built camps together,
skated together, watched movies, slept and ate most 
meals together. My Mommy would have home made salads
made for each Jess when they got home from school.
When we moved to Thibodaux, it was one of the things
I felt the worst about. My gypsy loosing that day to day 
contact with her bestie. They tried really hard as us parents did,
to keep them close but time did it's thing and they lost touch.
Not completely but it just was not the same.
When, for Mommy's funeral, there was our Jessica R.
gypsy and I were both so touched.
That she would drive 4 hours, from Mississippi to be with us
only to have to hurry back to work right after the funeral,
will never be forgotten. Before the mass started, I looked to
the middle of the church and saw Jess sitting there.
I got up and brought her to the front, to the pew where 
my babies were sitting, it is where she belonged.
She was family, like a granddaughter to my Mommy for many years.
That act of kindness reignited their friendship.
Gyspy was so excited but also a bit nervous.
She expressed how she hoped they would not feel awkward
around each other for a bit. I expressed that I know about
besties and I could tell her, for a fact, that it will be like no time has
passed. I love, love, love, love everything about their
time together. Only one thing could have made it better and
that would be if their other childhood friend, Gavin could 
have made the trip with her from Lafayette. Next time,
they must all get together. Like a Tarpon Heights reunion.
No relationship can be more important than a bestie.
(gypsy baby and Gavin)

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