Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday dear KD

I know I am redundant when I constantly say
how much I love this girl I call my Daughter-in-law.
I know some may be so sick of how often I say it.
However I just can't express in words how much I love this girl.
Not only is she my daughter-in-law but my friend.
We hang out together and talk about so much stuff
that just knowing that I will get to spend time with her
gets me excited. So today is her 24th birthday.
My baby boy loves to fish and out of all the catches
he has ever made this one is the very best he has ever caught.
She is a keeper, never to be thrown back.
Four years ago today I met her family for the first time
as we got together to celebrate her 20th birthday.
I knew that day that I wanted my son to be part of this family.
They are all so close such as my family is, so friendly
and right away I felt like I had known them forever.
I know that if I had known KD's parent even before I met KD
we would have been friends.
In my very best sing-song voice I sent this to you
my KD girl:
Can't wait to see all of you tonight.
smooches and hugs

Thursday, April 29, 2010

scary dream that seems silly in daylight

Ever have one of those dreams that
seem so real and scary in the dark but
when morning arrives and you replay it in your mind
it actually makes you laugh at how stupid the dream
really was? That was me last night.
The dream consisted of visiting one of those
old plantation homes that Hugh and I like to visit.
I guess Hughsky was on my mind last night before sleep.
The scarier the better, more ghost stories the more
we are intrigued.
In the dream I go to book a room for the night in one
of these haunted mansions.
The manager tries to tell me just how scary this place is.
He informs me that some Saints players came
to spend the night and had to leave before midnight
when a ghost was felt in their bed.
This makes me laugh at the counter of the thought
of big burly Superbowl winners being afraid of
a little ghost. Still I book my room.
As I am waiting there I feel a presence touch my arm and
pull me away from the counter, it is dragging me away.
Where, I am not sure but then I see this white dog
walking on just his front paws.
Like when we played wheel barrow as a child but
there is no one seen holding up his back legs.
The scariest part of the dream?
All of a sudden HOBL is there asking to go to church,
to receive communion....
Now that is scarier than the ghost part.
About the time I find Ron and I holding on to each other
receiving communion from the Bishop I wake up.
I wake up because I have to go to the bathroom
but I am afraid to go to there because of this
silly dream.
I tell myself its just a dream don't be so silly
but as I walk to the toilet I am afraid that I will
feel a presence touching me.
I do my business and go back to bed putting my head
under the covers. I know this feeling of being scared
is ridiculously silly but I am still scared.
I do fall back asleep and no longer dream about ghosts.
This morning when I see the sun out I
laugh to myself at the thought that
at 46 I was scared of a dream.
That today it is actually a funny thing when put into
words. Ever had one of these?
Or what about the kind of dream that your
spouse does something that really pisses you off
and it seems so real that
the next day you are mad at him/her all day for
something you dreamed about?
Wonder what dreams really are all about in the
big picture of life.
Dream a little dream for me...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Everyone needs time off to regroup.
My initial plans were to begin my spring cleaning
during my break
but that hasn't happened.
Guess the weather is just to pretty to be stuck inside
cleaning house and if I am going to be
honest, just do not feel like using my free time
cleaning a house that basically is clean all the time.
I mean HOBL just left, when he is home
this house is cleaner than when I am in charge.
HOBL and I finished our big winter cleaning of the yard
and spread our 50 bags of mulch,
yes you heard it right it takes 50 bags of mulch to
complete our yard.
Now that that is done I can begin the part I love,
planting my flowers.
So yesterday I planted Vinca and Blue Daze
two plants that bloom and flower until the first frost.
Just being outside is medicine for a soul.
I just couldn't get enough so after I planted
that I sat outside and watched my neighborhood antics.
So much happens in a neighborhood after 5.
We have new neighbors across the street with a
10 month old baby girl.
Wonder if my old neighbors warned them of how
much I love babies and children.
Hope they don't think I am a stalker.
She is the cutest little girl....
What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures for Eddie

Ron (HOBL) and Rod (baby boy)
Picture pretty much sums up their relationship.
I have never seen a man love his adult son more
than HOBL.
Jesi (baby girl) and her love, Chase (bruddah)
The sweetest boyfriend a girl could have.
Baby boy and My Mumsie still kicking at 89!
The Riera family
Kd and Rod making it official
Ummm accidently posted this picture here
of Rod and KD's friends Lauren and Eric.
Can't figure out how to edit it out so enjoy
the picture of this cute couple.
All the hard work of raising these children was worth it
for this one moment in time.
My baby boy, still as cute as the day he was born.
Myself and my Baby boy
...and the most beautiful, wonderful daughter-in-law in the world.
She is beautiful in pictures but no picture even begins to
explain how wonderful this girl is inside.
I love this child as if she has been part of our lives forever.
Her parents, Frank and Cathy have done an amazing job
with this one and I am so proud and honored that
she now calls herself a Riera.

Ron and I have these old friends from way
back when we were first married.
Eddie worked with Ron when we were first married
and he and his wife, Lisa spent lots of time with us.
They were far from home so every weekend and many
weeknights we found ourselves together.
They were part of our lives when Roddie was born
and we were part of their lives when there first
two children were born, Emily and Tray.
We actually saw ourselves grow up together
from newly married kids to responsible adults
with children. Then they were transferred closer
to their home and we lost touch.
However every once in a while we will get a call
from Eddie or Lisa.
Lately we have been back in touch and I hope
via email and this blog we can continue to stay in touch
and maybe even spend time together.
Eddie has been asking HOBL for pictures from the wedding
so I decided this would be the easiest way to share those pictures
with him. So here they are, enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Autism spectrum

I am reading a book right now by Jodi Picoult
For those of you who are not familiar with Picoult
she writes fiction books regarding issues that
are based around things happening in today's world.
For instance, she wrote MY SISTERS KEEPER
that is now a motion picture.
HOUSE RULES is about a teenager who suffers
from Asperger's syndrome one of those
disorders on what we call the Autism spectrum.
I have always been intrigued by autism but
even more so now that I work in a public school system
that finds myself directly working with these children.
These children are usually super smart.
Kindergartners reading sometimes on a 4th grade level.
Yet what they read is just words they do not understand the words.
They are disconnected from the world as we know it.
Stuck in a level where they are only interested in
what is around them at the minute.
Everything is taken literal to them and simple commands
are either something they can't complete or throws them
into a tail spin. Some recite movie lines and others will not speak
at all. The spectrum is wide with different levels of understanding
different for each child.
I admire all who work with these children.
I admire their parents the most.
The majority of these children do not understand feelings
like pain or love. Their parents give and give
but most do not get hugs and kisses back.
Most of these children do not understand the concept of love.
This is the saddest part of the syndrome for me.
A parent who gives tirelessly, pays for extra learning,
makes special accommodations for the babies they love
but may never get understood as someone who is loved.
I admire these parents so much because not one has
ever showed the pain I know must be involved with
raising these children.
Pray for all those who suffer on the Autism spectrum
and pray for their parents who, in my eyes,
are the true heroes of the world
who teach me exactly what unconditional love is every day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making a house a home

My house growing up was huge.
Huge and falling apart.
Dad liked to save everything and Mom didn't like house cleaning.
it was the very best house to grow up in.
There was always something new to explore.
The thing that made it a home, for me,
was that a parent was always there.
I cannot remember every having a babysitter.
If mom and dad had to go somewhere an older
sister was responsible for us.
We rarely left home except to fish and go to
Theriot's grocery store for food.
Yet I can't remember using the word bored.
We were left to our own imagination to entertain.
The feeling of stable was always there.
We knew no matter what that this was our home
and we could always come home no matter what.
As an adult, HOBL and I have moved many times.
I hope that even though the house changed the feeling
of home was always there.
Giving children this feeling is a big part of having confidence
and knowing that you have a place to go to no matter what.
HOBL and I are always looking at houses, vacation homes
always thinking of where we may move one day.
I realize now that it may not be the house that gives us
security but those things that fill it that makes it a home.
Give your children a place to call home
give them memories that will fill their heart even when
they are older. Meet them at the door after they have
been gone with a smile and a hug no matter how bad
your day has been.
Sit down and play with them in this home.
Give them chores so they will be proud that they
have a part in making the house a home.
A home, every child should have this feeling inside.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on children

I have never seen so much excitement in one school
as I did yesterday. After a week like this week everyone
including staff and children were itching for the much needed break.
Spring, a chance to make fresh changes
days off to do what ever you want.
Summer is almost here.
Now that my babies are grown I find myself
with much time to do what it is that I love to do.
However I feel the twinge inside
when the time comes to sign children up for baseball
and summer reading club.
I loved sitting in baseball stands to cheer for the babies.
I loved making the trips to the library for new books
and story reading time.
It passes all to quickly.
There was so much talk yesterday about Internet usage
for children and I agree about some of it.
Sign your kids up for these things that are free.
What kids really want is time,
time with the parents who love them so much.
Play outside, take them to the park,
get out the house and enjoy the outdoors.
Spring is here and every area is filled with things
to do with children that are free.
Unfortunately so many children do not have people
to do this with them.
I have this one child at school who is mostly in trouble.
Every day he knows that if he stays out of trouble
I will come to him as he waits for the bus
and give him a back massage.
Every day he waits for me to report whether or not
he has had a good day.
He has not lied to me one day.
Since we started this, about three weeks ago
he has not spent one day in ISS.
For a back rub, a simple connection to another human being
the touch of someone he knows loves him he has stayed out of trouble.
Every day we talk about life as I rub his back for 5 minutes.
On the days I miss due to having something to do,
he reminds me I owe him because he has had a good day.
I know there is also a lot of talk about the troubled kids
getting away with too much.
Most of us who work with them daily believe in tough love.
We also know though that some of them only have us.
If we do not give them some form of normalcy they
will not get it at home.
They will have no one to show them how they should
want to live.
Suspending them, leaving them home in the atmosphere
they live in will not help them.
I understand the feelings of parents of the children who get
what they need at home.
However if we do not try and teach them a little about love
and what is decent behavior the majority will
grow up as adults with these other children who have what they need.
I know it is scary for those who raise their children
to be responsible citizens but in the long run
when we try and help the troubled children it hopefully
will make the community safer when they all grow up.
More goes on in a school than
reading, writing and arithmetic.
We are all striving for a safer life for all children when
they grow up. We try everyday to make a difference in
a troubled child's life but realize this is also
for the children who have all they need to succeed.
A safer world for all children is what I want.
Know that my job as the school nurse
is so much more than checking to see if children are sick.
It consists of hugs, feeding breakfasts, explaining to
students what is the normal way to handle issues.
It consists of more mothering than nursing on most days.
It is why I love this job.
One of the things I am most proud of
is the way I mothered my own babies.
To be able to carry that out for other children
who do not have that at their homes
makes my job the most rewarding I have ever had.
There is not one employee at TES who
does not do the same with the children they
the job of raising and teaching children continues at TES.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back on the blog path

I know, I know lack of blogging this week.
I was wondering if anyone ever reads this thing
anymore since no one really comments.
Yet I skip a few days and people everywhere
want to know why I am not blogging.
So I guess I do have followers out there.
Actually the reason I have lacked blogging
is because it has been a strange week
and those things I would like to blog about,
those things that are on my mind this week
are things that are tricky to blog about due
to confidentiality issues.
I will just say this, what has been on the news
and the papers.
I have been close to the verge of tears
when finding out that even in our elementary schools
we have to worry about guns.
When I went to school early yesterday,
volunteered to be there to help make sure
our students would be safe from weapons
I didn't expect the emotions that would surround
metal detectors, police on campus
and checking school bags that are full of
broken colors, toys and extra sets of clothing
in case of accidents.
Checking these bags for weapons...
It should just not be a part of their world,
their life.
It isn't fair for 4 to 11 year olds have
to loose part of their innocence because of the world
they live in. Wednesday when we found
out about the incident that surrounded TES
through today, our last day before spring break,
has found our staff on edge, in a different mind set.
However, it has also found us all on the same page,
I will never be as happy to call myself part of a working
family as I am now.
Once again, proud to be part of the TES family
where children really do come first.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacation camp hunt continues

So the hunt for a camp continues.
After the let down of knowing we would not
be buying a Grand Isle camp
we are on to the the next place.
HOBL and I began looking at Lake Verrett
and Pierre Part and Lake Maurepas
and waterfront properties, oh my!!!
It has me thinking,
"What am I really wanting in a get away place?
Well, I know I want a porch that overlooks the water
where I can drink my coffee and just
look at water. Always did want that.
Fishing, I want to be able to fish.
From my yard but also a close enough place
where baby boy can launch his boat and
take me to new places to cast my line.
A place that has crabs and seafood that we are used to.
A place that doesn't need lots of upkeep.
Somewhere that doesn't take more than 2 hours
to get there. That I can get in my car and drive
to in an afternoon and stay the weekend but
be home in enough time on Sunday to get ready
for the work field on Monday.
This morning I was ready to just put it all aside.
I just had my heart so set on Grand Isle.
This afternoon my mind set has changed.
Pierre Part, Lake Maurepas, here we come.
Some tomorrow afternoon more on Saturday.
Before this summer is out I just know we
will have a vacaton spot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream has died...

The Riera's will not be the owners of a Grand Isle camp
after all.
HOBL today began the process of getting insurance
quotes and finding out that the reason
so many camps are not selling in GI is
the fact that that most are not up to needed
building codes to be able to insure.
Also it seems that those who have insurance
may not be completely honest with the insurance
companies. HOBL being the kind of person he is,
follows all insurance rules and regulations.
Also he has found out that you can buy a camp,
pay the expensive price to insure it and the
government could decide in two years that
they will no longer insure Grand Isle properties.
So we have decided that we are just not
willing to risk the loss that would come
with a property of that amount of money.
On to the next dream.
Looking for a cottage or camp
up North.
Somehow somewhere we will have a
vacation place to get away to.
When things are not meant to be they are
just not meant to be.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Camp shopping can wear you out.
Myself, HOBL, baby boy and girl and Bruddah (Chase)
spent the day on the island looking and looking at camps.
We all understand that owning a camp on Grand Isle
is a privilege and because of HOBL's hard work and
our saving over the last 20 some odd years
that the dream can now become a reality.
So the first here is the practical camp.
It is a cute camp on Plum Lane.
Walking distance to the beach and is on
the bay side so there is places to fish and crab.
Not on your property but accessible all the same.
I am the one who kept saying I would be happy with
any camp. A camp on Grand Isle would be awesome no
matter where it was.
So the first three pictures are the practical camp that
we should and would be happy to own.
Then there is this one that in some ways I wish I had never seen.
Because this camp is the dream place.
Your own private fishing pier equipped with night lighting on
the wharf. A deck porch to sit outside on and watch the sun set
right over the water.
Your own private beach that was created thanks to
Hurricane Katrina.
A camp with so much character that I just didn't want to leave.
The difference between the two?
$100,000 approximately...
So how in the world can I request that my HOBL buy this camp
when it is he who has to make the sacrifice to Alaska every
two weeks who has worked so hard to get us in
the financial position we are in that we can
purchase a camp at all.
So thanks for listening to my inner thoughts.
HOBL will have to make the call here.
But OMG!!!!!!
Look at this view...
I can just see little future grandchildren playing on this private beach
with their MUMSIE (what I will be called)
watching them from the porch...
oooohhhh sometimes wish I hadn't even seen this treasure.
I mean really should anyone spend this much money
strictly for the entertainment factor it will bring you?
Yet crabbing, fishing, swimming, flounder spearing
right off your own pier.
Can you call it a luxury if you are feeding off the land.
You only live once right?
But what if the one time finds you outliving your money?
Points to ponder, points to ponder...

Grand Isle

The Riera family is going look at
Grand Isle camps today to possibly purchase.
So maybe a house on the bayou is not
the dream that will come true.
Maybe a camp on the island,
another dream is the one that will come true.
HOBL, myself and babies boy and girl
are heading out early this am to Grand Isle.
We have appointments to see about 7 camps.
So, you know, it could go either way.
We will be all together minus KD
who is usually my assistant in the buffer
When things get heated at the Riera table
KD stays out of it until you hear under her breath,
"Awkward" and it always makes me smile and
reminds me that maybe the conversation has
become too heated.
So I will miss KD...
but I am sure everyone will be on their best behavior
as we all really want a camp...
Pictures to follow.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


My sister Veronica is "crazy in love"
with her grandkids.
You know those grandmothers that profess that they
now belong to the stupid club.
It makes me wonder what kind of grandmother I will be.
I mean I already love all kids and when
it comes to my great nieces and nephews,
just being around them makes me happy.
This Easter my sis, better known to her
third generation as "Granny"
bought her grandkids a trampoline for Easter
to be left in her yard,
I think she figures,
"Give them the trampoline and they will come"
Well they all came and jumped...
On Easter Sunday.
It was a beautiful day, perfect for trampoline jumping.
So here is Granny's brood.
There is Tedi the oldest grandchild.
She is also my godchild and growing up way too fast.
She is now an official Golden Meadow Middle school
cheerleader so the trampoline will come in handy
when practicing her jumps.
Tedi is a sweetheart who is growing up to be
the calmest, head on straight child.
Sometimes I give her a hard time about things
yet she is never disrespectful and never talks back to me.
She knows and understands it's because I love her.
I never doubt that this child will make the right decisions
in the end. Love, love, love her!
Oh, then there is Hugh John the second oldest and the
first grandson. Hughby as he is called by his three siblings
has grown to be the kind of kid you like having around.
He is witty and loves resturaunts, how can you not love him.
He is smart and loves learning.
Loves his Aunt Lil and is always asking when he
can come to my house and what will we do when
he does come.
Ellie-pie is the baby of the gang.
Can't see her cute face here as she was focusing
on her Momma's jumping skills.
But she is a blue eyed beauty but don't
let her cuteness fool you, she is the one you must
watch CONSTANTLY. She keeps all on their toes,
just like the baby should.
Angelique stands in the background.
This child was just dying to wear that bathing suit she
got for Easter. Nothing anyone said would get her to
change her mind. So she jumped with her suit on.
If you want a good story, talk to Ange' she always has one
to tell. She is beautiful with her thick cajun accent.
She loves her Aunt Lil but not anymore than she loves
any of her Auntie's. I do believe she loves
her Aunt C more than me but the words will
never come out her mouth.
Dominique who we all call NeeNee is the purple girl
in these photos. She is Ange's sister and also one of
my godchildren. She loves her Nannie and so does her
Nannie love her. Nee isn't crazy about outside but
on this day she took advantage of jumping with
the cousins and I do believe this jumping apparatus
is good for her.
Sunday she makes her communion
so you know there will be more about her on after that
big occasion.
She sometimes just doesn't understand why the world
doesn't bend to do what she wants.
Huh, don't we all wish the world did that.
Neenee still has a lot to learn about the world.
Her nannie is her soft spot...
Owen, Owen, Owen....
I love me some Owen.
He always has a hug and smile for his Aunt Lil.
It wasn't always that way but ever since he spent
a weekend at my house last summer he and I have had
a change in our relationship.
When he hugs me I always have to close my eyes
and hug tight, tight.
His parents say to watch out,
as he hugs he is probably also plotting an attack.
I disagree each time but they probably do know
him better than I do.
The stories that follow his name are always funny to me
but I can see where he would be a challenge to his parents.
Thankfully, I just have to love him.
Last but not least, is the Diva, Lucy.
The second child in the Plaisance kids.
Beautiful, graceful but not afraid to get her hands dirty.
Just as happy to be with everyone as she is to be alone
watching TV. Sometimes bossy but only because
she knows who she is already and you best just accept it.
So what if she knows what everyone should be doing
and lets them know it.
I love her.
On this Easter Sunday, I found her laying
in Granny and Pop's bed all alone watching TV.
I couldn't help but jump in that bed for
quality time with her.
So we talked about dancing and spongebob.
We played "DON'T MOVE"
a game I play with them that they have to stay perfectly
still without laughing or moving as I run my
finger lightly across their faces until
it ends by tickling the inside of their ear.
Lucy loves this game, has always loved it
since she was a little bitty girl.
Soon the bed is crowded with other
kids, Ange' and Hugh and our time
together is over.
I leave them there playing with Granny's
electric bed.
So what if they break it?
I am just their Aunt Lil, I am not there to fuss
Ahhhhh, the pleasures of being the Auntie Lil...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have just completed a book called
by: Schoschana Rabinovici
It is a book that my friend, Sue B.
confiscated from a 4th grade classroom at our school.
It isn't a popular book in the 4th grade.
Evidently children are not interested in
what happened in the 40's to all
while Hitler forces invaded the Jewish communities.
This is a must read book.
Often I say that it is a sad world right now.
That I would not want to raise children in
todays world,
but while reading books such as this I realize
that the things that happened to people in these
times of the 40's was so much worse than anything
we are facing in todays world in our US of A.
This is a true story written by a woman
of her horrors that began when she was 8 years old.
The most touching sentence for me was a one-liner.
The story behind the sentence was
a mother who had smuggled her young son and
dressed him as a girl into the concentration camps
where they were moved.
All day she would work and have this young child hide
under the bunks all day without food or bathroom
until she returned late in the night to give
him a portion of her bread and water ration.
After many months of this the child finally was caught.
The thugs took her son to have him executed.
The other women at the camp tried to keep the young
mother there with them so at least she would be spared.
She jumped on the truck to hold her baby even
as women pulled on her to keep her there.
One friend said to her that she could no longer
save him, save yourself they said.
Her words to the crowds of these women who had
become her friends who begged her to stay,
Wow, all Mothers say they would die for their children
but how many of us would have the courage to die
along with them for a half hour of peace for the child?
Much thought here today on the blog.
Oh and Happy one year birthday, BLOG!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Landed up being just myself and baby boy that went fishing.
Sometimes a momma just needs one on one time with
her babies. Look at this awesome picture above and
please tell me how anyone cannot love living in
the good old Louisiana, Lafourche Parish.
Baby boy and I figured out that we are good fishing partners.
Shoot we really found out that when we are together just
us, we always get along, it's when we add other
people in the mix that we get into heated discussions.
Probably because we both have very strong opinions.
However on this Sunday we enjoyed the beautiful weather
and fixed lots of problems in the world,
just baby boy and I on the water.
BB being the comedian he is, always has to make a riddle
to explain his day. so while out there he said to me,
"Lillian, I have a riddle to explain today,
what disco band can wrap up what today has been?"
HMMMMM, I think and think but can't come up with an answer.
Was his answer.
And it really made sense...
we were enjoying the Earth, the wind was strong,
and the burning of the marsh that we got very close to
sometimes put it all together for us.
So as we fished and watched the marsh burning we began
to catch fish, little fish, Sac-a-let, goggle eye
whatever you call these little fish.
Fish all the same and we were having a blast.
Our total catch?
17 to be exact.
The best part of the trip?
Memories with my BB...
Naming of the canal that we caught most of our fish...
I know I say it all the time,
but I so love this child I gave birth to.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fishing trip

I love fishing.
It stems from being a little girl and going
fishing with my Daddy.
My Daddy fished most every day when I was little.
Living right behind the Golden Meadow boat dump
made it convenient for my Daddy.
I was telling baby boy today that
I wish he had been able to make trips
fishing with my Daddy in the days
that you left before dawn and came back
at the end of the day not just with a few fish
but ice chests full of fish.
Those days are gone, most days you are lucky to
catch your limit.
A morning fishing with my Daddy began the night before.
First he decided which one of us kids were going to
go with him. He rarely brought all of us together.
Probably because we made too much noise and
would scare the fish away.
Sometimes we begged to be the one he chose but he
was a pretty fair Daddy remembering who went
the last time and rotating us through.
You knew if you were the "chosen one"
you had to go to bed early that night.
He would not put up with morning whining about
being too early , he would just leave you sleeping.
I really do believe he preferred not bringing us
but he never said it.
I always put my clothes out the night before
because if you got up and got dressed early enough
you could make the walk with him to Dufrene's bakery
to pick out your own cookies.
Every fishing trip with my Dad began with a trip to
Dufrene's bakery and cookies.
You got to have your loot in your own bag.
Part of your purchase was for breakfast
the other was for after lunch.
There was no coming home if the fish weren't biting.
You stayed until you found the perfect spot
or until you filled the ice chests whatever came first.
I wish I could remember what we talked about
on those trips. I wish I remembered more
conversations I ever had with this man I loved and adored.
The feeling I had being with him however is embedded
in my heart.
One of the things I am most proud of HOBL and I for
was that we had a boat and brought our babies fishing often
when the were young.
Fishing with HOBL was much different from fishing
with my Daddy but it was fishing all the same.
Now, because of that, our Baby boy loves fishing
and everything that screams outdoors.
Tomorrow he and I and baby girl and maybe KD
are going on our first fishing trip of the summer season.
He and I love the water and he knows
when I am his date there will be no talk of
coming home early or fussing because there is no fish.
We both enjoy being on the water and just that is enough
for the both of us.
Lake Buff, here we come.
I love time spent with my babies.

Friday, April 9, 2010


My friend, Susan B. at work saves
me articles that she thinks I would like
because we are both lovers of words and books.
She gave me this one someone sent her via email
and whether it is true or not, it made me el oh el
so I share it with you all today:
Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma a
question if they aren't prepared for the answer.
In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney
called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly
woman to the stand. He approached her and asked,
"Mrs. Jones, do you know me?"
"Why yes" she answered.
"I have known you since you were a boy, and frankly
you have been a disappointment to me.
You lie, you cheat on your wife, and you
manipulate people and talk about them behind
their backs. You think you are a big shot when you
haven't the brains to realize you will never amount
to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher.
Yes, I know you."
The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what to do,
he pointed across the room and asked,
"Mrs. Jones, do you know the defense attorney?"
She again replied, "Why yes, I do. I've known
Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster, too.
He's lazy, bigoted, and he has a drinking problem.
He can't build a normal relationship with anyone,
and his law practice is one of the worst in the state.
Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three
different women. One of them was your wife.
Yes, I know him."
The defense attorney nearly died.
The judge asked both counselors to approach the bench
and, in a very quiet voice, said,
"If either you idiots asks her if she knows me,
I will send both of you to the electric chair."
Make it a good Friday
and keep your words honest...

Thursday, April 8, 2010


On Monday our dear principal asked all our staff
to meet in the library after school.
Lately we all get nervous about these
last minute library meetings.
They are usually full of bad news about
more cuts and how it will all effect our
parish and most importantly our school.
Yet on this Monday it is good news.
Out of all the schools in our parish,
Mary Landrieu and her people are coming
to visit our little school of Thibodaux Elementary.
Must charge my battery of my camera.
I just know I will have a good scrapbook page
in my mind come Friday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wish I could just say "APRIL FOOL"
after yesterday's post but you ever heard
the saying,
"sick and tired of being sick and tired"
My Daddy used to say it all the time
in his last few years. He became a bitter man.
I refuse to become a bitter person.
However, sometimes "Ya just gotta let it out"
Yesterday I took a day to "let it out"
to regroup, come up with another plan.
Plan is made, did some reading on chronic pain
and I do believe I am back on track
or as BFOB would say, on my cement truck,
paving my road.
Is the pain any better today, not really
but my mind-set is better and I just know that
will get me through the day.
Some of what I made myself read again
to get me back on the truck?
(Peter Abaci, Md taking charge of your chronic pain)
I may finally be able to say I have chronic pain
but I can tell you my friends, I am not going down easy.
I will fight for quality of life to the end.
I will continue to do this job I love
until the day comes that I am no longer able
to give 150%.
I will be an inspiration to all who love and know me.
I will live until I die.
I do believe I may be back...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just stating facts

Not written for sympathy
just written because if I am going to keep
the blog honest then I must share the facts.
I am very discouraged about now
with these medical issues better known
as my chronic back pain.
Fear of the unknown is what I am worried
about right now and no amount of
positive thinking and praying seems to be
helping me the last few days.
I got through the winter with the optimism
that the winter was what was causing me
to be struggling so much.
Now with the warmer weather here and
still struggling with doing the things that I love
well, I am racked with fear right about now.
I will find my way and I will make the best
of whatever the future has in store for me
but for today, I am giving myself permission
to just accept this right now but still
be hoping that the warmer weather will get me moving.
I am not one who likes to waste any time
in my life and coming home from work to lie here
and watch TV is not what I want to do for the
rest of my life.
Just makes me realize that many times we think
when we hear of a little child beating the odds
of cancer all their troubles are over.
Yet I know from much studying, reading,
and meeting doctors who study the children
who are now adults that even though
we are all so happy we beat the odds
and none of us are bitter about the fact
that we are survivors, most of us struggle
with the effects of the treatments that saved our lives.
So, like I said, I will find my way
but to blog here always all hunky-dory and
slappy happy would not be the honesty you
expect from Auntie Lil.
Please no sympathy, just prayers
that God will help me to find my way
I know I will, just today may not be the day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It has been a few years now since the Easter Bunny
has visited my home.
Gone are the days that I have to leave the
front door unlocked and place Easter baskets
out on the kitchen table all waiting
for the bunny to fill them with Easter goodies.
Gone is the excitement of Putting my babies
to bed with the excitement of knowing in the morning
their baskets would be filled with Easter surprises.
Yes Easter shopping is so much easier now
that my babies are grown
but just for a little while each Easter morning
I have a tinge of sadness when I awaken
to an empty home and no children
going through their loot.
The purpose of the blog this morning?
To wish all a happy Easter
and to remind you parents with young children
to enjoy every moment because
sooner than you will like your address
will no longer be on the Easter Bunny's list.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shopping Saturday

Because it has been a rough winter for both
C and I we both are behind on our shopping
adventures. We have planned today in our mind
a few weeks ago and both are looking forward to it.
It is what we give each other now for our
birthdays, a day together shopping.
What makes today different is that
we are taking the Mumsie and her
new red shiny wheelchair with us.
Yep, Mumsie hasn't been on a real shopping
trip in a long time because she can't walk the
malls anymore so a few months ago
she and I got the paperwork we needed to
get her a wheelchair for when she is sick and
for days like today. She is so excited to visit stores again.
C and I joked about the fact that Mumsie will
probably be pushing us in the wheelchair by the
end of the day.
Anyhoo, we are all excited!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Some may say what is so good about it?
Well if it wouldn't be for what these pictures portray
our belief in the Catholic faith would be completely
different. For me, it is so awesome to believe
that this man allowed others to nail him to a cross
so we could be forever freed of our own sins for
the rest of our lives.
I know there are many who believe this is absolutely ridiculous.
That this did not happen.
I say to those people,
what do you have to loose to believe all God
has told us?
I choose to believe and because I believe
I know that no matter what I will be okay.
Because I believe I have an inner peace.
That no matter what, even if I don't believe
he will never leave me, he will forever be there for me
to help in all the things I may need.
Some say how stupid all this is to believe in such a
bogus story and I say I choose to believe because
it is the most awesome story of pure unselfishness.
some say Good Friday, what is so good about it?
Well for those of you who choose to not believe
that today marks the day our Lord and Savior
was nailed to a cross to free us from sin
I say these are the other things that make it a Good Friday.
1) We all woke up this morning.
2) Many will feast on crawfish
3) Many have the day off.
4) Majority have a family who love them even with all our imperfections.
5) Spring is in the air and the warmer weather allows
us so much more to do.
6) In two days we will be able to spend time with loved ones.
7) Options are open to us to make changes in our lives
if we choose to.
8) We can be happy, joyous, and free.
Many, many things to be thankful for the Good Friday
so no matter where you are, what you are thinking of,
the control of today rests in your hands.
Make it the best Good Friday ever.
Oh, and HOBL, hope you feel better soon
over there in Alaska.
Wish you were home so I could give you
medicine for that fever you have.
Love to all I call my family and friends.