Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last day of Alaska vacation, flying through the beauty

One of the reasons why we held out until the last day for flying
was because we had many arguments over who we would fly with.
This was one argument that had a positive outcome because
on our last day the weather was most perfect which gave us the
chance to have the higher flight and a glacier landing which,
for me, was most important.
I wanted to land on snow, to have a chance for the babies
to play in something that we rarely get to do in Louisiana.
It was well worth all the waiting and it was my favorite
day of the vacation.
There was a professional photographer who was also going to
be on the glacier taking pictures so we had to sign releases
in case he used any of us in his pictures.
We got free T-shirts or hats for it so that made us
extremely excited.
Waiting for our flight gave me reasons for photo shoots
by this time everyone was getting tired of my camera.
Here we are all in our snow boots.
Putting these babies on my feet got me fired up because
I knew we were going to land in sweet snow.
I love watching baby boy and HOBL together.
Warms my heart to see them playing and horsing around.
Very obvious just how much these two love each other
even though they are constantly aggravating each other
they adore the other.
The best gift I ever gave these two was the other.
Volunteers were asked for the copilot job.
Baby girl jumped at the chance for this.
Sheer beauty. Takes my breath away to see the beauty of the
mountains. To be able to fly right through them was something
I will never forget as long as I live.
It fulfilled me and made me once again realize
how much I believe in my God.

Once we landed it was a half hour of pure play for the babies.
First thing Kd and baby girl did was make snow angels.
Something they both said they have always wanted to do.
The photographer loved this and took many pictures of the
two of them.

For 150 dollars a night you can sleep in this shack high up on the
mountain top. the owners of this space were smart.
They bought these acres of mountains right before
the state of Alaska declared all the mountains
theirs. Now these owners rent out their land for landings.

Yes, this was my very favorite adventure of the trip.
Thanks for going along with our Alaska adventure.
It was something none of us will ever forget.
Once again, thanks HOBL.
You will always be remembered for the one
who made this possible for 5 Riera's.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fathers Day

I am getting tired of this daily log of Alaska adventures.
Thankfully, after today there is only one more day.
Not meant to bore my readers.
Just having to capture all these times on blogger
so as to have the memories with me forever.
So I will not bore you with many pictures of animals
that we saw spent at the Alaska zoo.
Actually we in Louisiana can pride ourselves
with one of the best zoos in the country.
Instead I will post the pictures that make
me smile and sometimes even make
me laugh out loud...
Baby girl doing her Eagle calls. Kd was better at it,
her face is priceless when calling birds but I just couldn't
get it on camera.
I wanted to pretend that this bear was seen in our yard
but someone would have given it away so I will be honest
and say it was at the zoo.
Fathers Day, HOBL with his babies
Baby girl looks so excited, huh?
HOBL probably trying to sell Kd some type of bulls#*t because
he tends to be able to get her to believe his stories
but from the looks of baby boys face, it was pure bullsh#*t
Don't know what HOBL was doing, shoot don't even know what I was doing...
Baby girl being taken by a bear.
Note the envelope in my hand,
the mail must go through...
Baby boy loving up on a bear...
Ummmm just couldn't resist
HOBL's new hairdo...
Baby boy with his prom picture with Sarah Palin
Went to see the salmon, we were a little early they were a
few weeks from coming through the creek.
Like Father like Son
Awhhhh I absolutely love this picture!
One more day and I will not bore you with the trip home
since it was grueling!!!
As much as I loved the vacation, and it was spectacular,
the traveling was yuck!!!
May never go back to Alaska but so glad I did.

Monday, June 28, 2010

days three and four, relax days for me and HOBL

No pictures of these days.
Day three the kids went fishing and exploring
in the canals close to our chalet.
By this time HOBL and I were showing our age
and just needed some rest time.
In the afternoon of the third day
Baby girl and I went exploring the
small town near Jade Lake
Day four was rainy so HOBL and I stayed behind
as the kids went into Anchorage and awaited
Baby boy's favorite band, 311 that happened to
be playing in Alaska that night.
They got there really early and had stand-up spots
right near the stage so all were pumped up
but hearing them tell the stories of having
that spot, well I'll just say,
it was a wild experience for them
Just to show what a small world it is,
While waiting in line Baby boy ran into
a boy he went to South Lafourche high school with.
This young man married a girl from Alaska.
They landed up spending most of the concert
together and the kids said he seemed so excited
to see faces from his home so far away.
As for HOBL and I, we watched many episodes
of LOST since there was no cable,
we were resigned to DVD's.
I was in heaven, stayed in my PJ's on that
rainy day and read, read, read.
Tomorrow, day 5 playing in Anchorage
and the Alaska Zoo.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day two, halibut fishing

Fishing in Alaska starts early. Especially if you are two hours
away from the dock.
To get to this little town you have to go through a tunnel
that you share with a train so if you are not there on the half hour
you have to wait an hour to get into the town again.
so of course, HOBL had us there at 5:30 am...
Don't even ask, we didn't have to be there until 7:00am.
The first picture is our charter boat, pretty comfortable.
Thankfully the cabin was heated because it was pretty cold
early in the morning and drizzly.
Our guides, Jeff and Paul were quite impressed that
us girls were not worried that there was no bathroom.
We explained to them that down the bayou, girls
squat over the side of the boat.
He did tell us he had a portalet so we wouldn't be required
to go over the side of the boat.
This little town was awesome in the way that there was only one
way to get into it and it was through that tunnel.
It reminded me of a little town that
Stephen King could have based one of his books after.
The big building in the back of this picture,
the locals call the insane asylum.
It is where all the locals live in the summertime.
Our guide, Jeff gave us a quick safety lesson,
one of those was no bananas on the boat.
Really, he told us if we had bananas we had to throw them overboard
right then. Evidently bananas are bad luck for
halibut fishing and these Alaskan fishermen take it seriously.
Okay, it was early, we look tired but we really were excited.
HOBL and baby boy looked like they were gearing up for an
We saw many, many Otters and their babies on our way
to our fishing spot.
Wish the pictures were better but you couldn't get very close.
...and whales, we saw whales!!!!
So very awesome.
This was a special treat because some people wait
all day never to see a whale.
We saw two or three that day.
Simply beautiful.
Kd caught the first fish.
The weights are so heavy and are down about 300 feet
so she didn't even know there was a fish down there.
We teased baby boy so much because he didn't seem very
happy that his wife had caught the first fish.
He insisted he was excited for her, but
his face showed something different.
He is pretty competitive when it comes to fishing.
HOBL caught the first Halibut right after lunch.
A 60 pounder. Let me tell you these things are not easy
to get up from 300 feet down.
What I didn't know about Halibut fishing
is that when they get close to the top of the water
the guides either shoot them or harpoon them to
assure they don't get off their hooks.
Pretty impressive.
So there is this stance you must have if you are a Riera
to reel in Halibut.
HOBL and the babies have it
and our guides really thought this was pretty comical
because each of them stood this way when reeling in their catch.
Above is HOBL
Then baby girl...
Yep, and even baby boy...
Baby boy caught his first halibut about a 60 pounder.
He went on to catch another smaller one later.
Then HOBL caught another.
There is Jeff, captain thinking he is funny.
But baby girl caught the biggest Halibut.
She hooked a 100 pounder but couldn't reel it in
the 300 feet so her Dad and brother had to take turns
getting it up for her.
So of course, they didn't want to give her full credit for
catching the biggest fish.
However, if you know baby girl, she wasn't going for this
and they get no credit for her catch.
I didn't fish, really went just for the experience to watch these
people who I love so dearly have the most wonderful day.
HOBL was fun to watch.
To see his face when his babies and his dil caught fish
was touching for me. I haven't seen him this happy,
to be able to give this to his children,
in a long time. Priceless for me.
The Riera's caught so many nice fish,
6 halibut and many cod,
that we made the fishing tours website.
For baby boy and HOBL this was their favorite day
in Alaska.
Definitely will never be forgotten by any of us.