Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Another Halloween come and gone, Bean's second.
Her Mommy and her friends seem to have all had babies at
the same time. They have a great idea to take the same picture
of the kiddies each year together.
Last year was much easier as they were all babies...
This year is was just funny.
The kids would not only stay put but would not
sit by each other and some were hysterical.
A video would have been hilarious.
The story on Bean's costume...
Her Mommy did lots of work on a hand made costume.
She wanted to be Tinkerbell but after Kd made it the Bean
would not, I mean would throw a fit not to put the costume on.
To the point that when he Mommy tried to have her model it,
she would lay on the floor and put her feet under her back
so Kd could not get it over her legs...
So, BB and Kd were like okay, just gunna wear a green suit, no tutu, no wings.
It's more important she be happy and have a good time.
You know, at that age it really isn't all about the costume.
Bean, she has a mind of her own so when she saw all the other
little girls with their tutu's she decided she wanted hers.
As her Mommy went to get it she decided to hug
the tire of her Mommy's vehicle, maybe she was that happy 
or something that she just had to hug something.
When I found her she was just a tad full of black tire marks.
Looks more like the "little matchstick girl"
It fits our Bean's personality so well...

She is not two yet and the Bean is scary sometimes
in the way she gets a joke.
I wanted to take her picture of her eating cheese because the girl,
well, she loves her cheese.
So instead of saying, "Say Cheese"
I said, "See Cheese"
and maybe it's just me but she got the joke.
Not only did she crack up laughing but she 
"showed me cheese"
I think she may have a much older girl inside that
19 month old body.
Then there are those sweet moments of the night.
Lizzie and Bean, forever to be more than cousins,
forever to be besties.
They had lots of friends there and Bean sought out most of them
but when it came to playing, it was Lizzie she looked for.
Such a sweet, sweet age. 
Loving these moments.
So proud to be called Mumsie.

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  1. She is beautiful!!! So glad she had a great time last night! She does seem mature for her age. :)