Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A year in review:

It has been a year without Gina B. in the life
of TES. There have been many sad days since then
when we wish she was still here because often
we say,
"Gina would know what to do"
Yet there have been many good days at TES, too.
WE all feel as though Gina B. is still a part of TES,
Her picture sits on my desk in a frame marked
"Guardian angel"
and many employees come to see her, to leave messages to
her, to remember her.
There is a tree in our new atrium that is her tree,
planted in her honor.
The days continue on because I know, I really believe
that our Gina B. is in the best place, the highest honor,
the place where we all want to be when this
temporary life here is over.
I know that when I go there, because I work hard to assure
my space in heaven, it will be her right behind my daddy
waiting to greet me, with that big smile you see
above. This picture in my heart makes me smile.
I have often said that many days I forget she is gone
and those are the good days.
One year without Gina B. and it's okay today.
We continue to do good work with special children
often remembering
What would Gina b. do.
Love to all!
Smile today, it is what Gina b. would want.


  1. Thanks for posting about her today Ms. Lilly! She sure did love nurse lilly! (:

  2. Acceptance - a wonderful thing...