Tuesday, October 11, 2011

yada, yada, yada...

Yes, here I go about my weight, my health again.
All who follow this blog know how I need to loose weight
and I am so tired of those who say,
"I wish I had just 15 pounds to loose"
or other comments to feed me what I need to hear
to fool me into believing that I am okay.
Well, the fact of the matter is, I am not okay.
It is one thing when my back surgeon reminds me
that I have put on weight since my surgery and he
did not fix my back for me to put extra weight on it
to mess up the surgery.
It is another thing when for the third blood test in a row
my cholesterol, total, hdl, and Ldl, and triglycerides
are all abnormal. I see my doctor and friend, Dr. Pitre
all convinced that okay I am not going to get this weight in order
so I will just take cholesterol medication and at least
stop my heart from plaguing up.
Yet, my friend, she tells me no.
Medication is not what she recommends right now.
We have a conversation as to how I am fighting genetics
but she proves to me that this issue is strictly from
my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.
She insists that I can do this and I have to do this
and that putting me on medication will just give
me reasons to be lax, and in a year or two I will come
back to see her with 20 more pounds on my body and
diabetes and she will know she helped in that.
She reminds me that there are side effects to cholesterol meds.
that I should not have to worry about.
Instead of a prescription for a cholesterol lowering medication
she hands me a handwritten diet she wants me to follow
written on a little sticky pad paper because it is that simple.
I am challenged to loose 15 pounds in three months,
that is very doable, if I do what I am supposed to do.
If in three months it is not done, and my numbers continue to climb,
she will have no choice to put me on meds.
but she won't be happy about it.
So today I feel the motivation that I have been lacking for some time.
I hope it continues through the next three months so
when I go back for another blood test, I am not only happy
with those numbers but the numbers on the scale.
This is not about looking "hot"
(already know I have accomplished that lol)
This is about stopping diseases that I have complete control over.
I am a nurse, who must practice what I preach.
I may not be able to stop the damages that radiation has
done to my body but this, if I allow it,
will be completely my fault and I don't think
I can live with that knowledge.


  1. hey sis please try to do as the dr, sugest, had i followed my dr,'s advice i would not be in the medical mess i have gone through , my dibatic started when i decided to go it on my owne and not do as the dr, said, and wolly here i am on edication lol mone

  2. Lil, the medication causes leg pain and over time: memory loss and wasting of muscles. It may even cause diabetes. I just got off of it and I will do something about my health on my own. I will lose weight. You can lose the weight; I have faith in you!

  3. Hey - move with me - I just started cooking a special way for William and his cholesterol - thus - me, too and I am now moving more - we will do this together - sister!!!!!

  4. Thanks you guys! I am going to do this, I have said this in the past but this time, I am determined. Two days down, following the good friends' diet, two days I walked a mile.... I can do this!