Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can it get any better?

I speak often of just how much I love my job.
Even on days that my body doesn't want to cooperate,
it is the job that gets me up and moving.
We have this beautiful new building but until three
weeks ago I was still in the old building.
It wasn't really working, I was not where the children
needed me to be. I was walking way more than my
body liked.
After proposing an idea to my principal and with the
support of the two assistant principles it was decided
that the nursing office would move into a small
outer office of the assistant principal.
I love my new space and, if it can be possible,
I love my job now even more.
I am in the life of the children again.
I am able to nurture more than I was able to before.
I am hands on and because of where I have been placed,
I am able to help the assistant principals with some of
our students who need the extra help from people who love
them. Many days in the last three weeks I have been able
to rock babies. I LOOVVVVEEEEE rocking children.
They climb into my lap and I just sway my fancy chair back and forth.
Sometimes it was for babies who were sick, running fever
and we were waiting for their parents.
Twice it was for children who just have a rough little time
with school, with life in general.
Sometimes instead of discipline or being reminded
of all they have done wrong, they just need to be rocked.
Yes, I know they still need the strong discipline
but that is not my part, my part if to nurture.
I am also so close that I can encourage those children
who struggle with rules.
Being able to offer incentives like helping me if they follow
the rules has helped some students have better days.
It is amazing what a troubled child will do to make ice bags
for the nurse. I have also been able to help one of our
students who loves to draw learn new techniques.
He asked me yesterday if I could be his art teacher....
So long story, short,
school nursing is not just about calling home for students
who are sick, more than just checking immunization records,
doing hearing and vision screenings.
It is even more about nurturing the whole child.
On days that are hard for me, HOBL says
"Retire, ga-gee"
I can't explain why that is not an option for me right now.
I am selfish.
I need to be needed by all these children whose lives
are not easy. It is these reasons that gets me up on days
that are hard and gets me dressed to go to TES.

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  1. I think they will find it a super wise move to put you in that office more and more as time goes by. You do have such a calming influence on children, it will facilitate their jobs to no end. And, facilitate you job. Bravo whoever proposed that move!!!!!!