Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My Tedi-girl is having surgery today for
a nasty knee issue that has bothered her for some time.
Often her knee cap pops out of place which sends
her to the emergency room in much pain.
Through the process of testing they have found that it
is actually a genetic birth defect she has had and
the surgery is quite complicated to fix it.
They will either have to take a piece of her own hamstring
to stabilize the knee cap or use a cadaver ham string muscle.
Either way my lil god child has a long recovery and lots
of pain ahead which just makes me sick to my stomach.
This child is way too sweet to have to go through this
but you know the saying,
"That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
She is a trooper and will do this with a smile on her face.
I am going to meet them there early before work,
hoping I get to see her flying high on her
pre-op. shot....
should be good for a video or two...
Prayers for my lil girl, please.

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  1. She has been in my prayers and I am happy the surgery appears to be a success!