Monday, October 10, 2011

You know this is coming

You know that after spending a weekend with my Jillybean
that you are going to be bombarded with pictures and yes,
even the cutest little video ever.
I am most happy about the fact that not only does the bean
know who I am but she is happy to come with me,
to leave her other MawMaw that she sees much more than
me to spend time with me.
She and I had the most fantastic time together.
My favorite memory?
At around 3 am, she was fussy so I went to her and began
to rock her. I closed my eyes so she would think I was sleeping
and it would be cool to do the same.
when she felt weightless and I thought she was asleep
I open my eyes to see this precious little girl just staring up
into my eyes, like she was so in love.
Right there, my heart melted even more for this
grandchild that I would die for.
Being with her reminds me of feeling I have forgotten
that I had when my own babies were her age.
Love, love, love, I Love this child
in a way that only a grandmother can understand.


  1. She is beautiful and such a sweetheart!!!

  2. It was probably gas and she was wondering when her belly was going to get rubbed.

  3. oh lil she is so beautiful lol mone