Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yes, my dear HOBL is 50 years old and unlike
any other birthdays he has ever had, he has asked
for a gathering for his birthday.
Today I will cook a chicken spaghetti for him
and a shrimp fricasse' for baby girl who's birthday
is Monday.
Kd and the bean are coming...
a red velvet cake has been ordered and I forget
sometimes just how much I love cooking for
50 is a big deal for my HOBL.
I have missed him, I am glad he is home.
My life is easier when he is here and although
we don't do much when he is home,
there is a comfort and peace I have knowing he is here.
Our whole marriage has been a life that he went away to work.
It never bothered me as it bothers me now that we are
in our midlife years.
I am proud of our marriage. I am proud to tell people
we have grown up together.
I am proud he knows everything about me and I, him.
So today is his 50th and I am hoping that before he turns
60 our lives have come to a place where he is home every night.
Happy birthday, HOBL
I love you!


  1. happy 50 th. birthdzy Ronnie lol mone

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Ronnie! have a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday, Uncle Negga!! We love you, The St.Pierre Girls (Ange and NeeNee)
    PS Gilbert and Tie says Happy Birthday, TOO!!!!

  4. Cute blog. glad I stumbled onto it, and cute family.