Sunday, October 23, 2011

my children are sabatogers

I have been telling these two children of mine I have to get a
picture for my Christmas cards.
They sabotage each photo op.
Yesterday I ask them to at least know I am going to
take at least one picture for my Christmas card.
What follows is what I have to choose from.
People may wonder why my Christmas cards are always
so funny.
I mean with what I have to work with, what are my choices?
I even think they are getting the Bean in on their antics.
What is BB doing? Pretending he is taking cheerleader pictures?
Baby girl is eating the Bean's head and Roddie has his
drama face on.
At least Kd understands this is important...
This one may have been "good enough"
but then Baby girl, who by the way, did not dress for the pictures
like I had asked, decided she had to corrupt the picture
with her infamous middle finger.
Even as I tried to hold it down, she managed to get it up.
Baby boy's "prom picture face"
and baby girl looking like The bean just passed gas...
This one will not do.
KD however continues to be the trooper.
Baby boy again making fun of my pictures
and baby girl making the evil eyes...
This year I may just leave the picture out.

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  1. I can photoshop that middle finger out for ya! lol