Monday, October 24, 2011

annual pumpkin carving

As we waited for the other Riera's to awaken from a nap
JB and I played with the pups.
She has learned to art of open mouth kissing but is quite
stingy with giving them out, but this child loves the 4 legged set.
She loves her two boxers and they can make her LOL when
no one else can. Her Kitty is a source of entertainment for her.
Therefore, it did not surprise me when she offered a kiss
to Trixie, full mouth open.
She is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was important to me that bean at least get her hands in some
pumpkin guts. Kd, before joining the Riera's had never carved
a pumpkin and Kelli had not either.
Unfortunately, Kel and baby girl left before we began carving
because she had to work, darn Chili's!
Back to the bean, she wasn't sure how she felt about
pumpkin guts but she had a taste off the top her DeDa removed.
She is interested in anything her parents are doing so she
watched as her mommy cleaned.
Even Mommee got in the carving action.
I love this picture. One of my favorites in a long time.
Mommee's jackolantern. She went with the classic face.
So proud of this woman, That in December she will be 91.
KD working at her carving.
She has improved tremendously over the last few years
on her pumpkin decorating skills, and she is cute,
so all is good.
The BEan with the finished products.

Thanking the Big Man for this wonderful gift that
has become part of our lives.
Happy Fall, Y'all!


  1. What beautiful photographs and lovely memories!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Fall Y'all??

    I know there's no wine with that cheese.