Sunday, September 15, 2013


 This little boy is soon to be a married man.
Married to the woman we have all grown to love, 
Amanda. Two good families coming together to be one.
 The shower was so beautiful!
When she made that Kaylee her Maid Of Honor,
(the two of them below)
She knew what she was doing as Kaylee dotes on the bride,
and pulls out the best parties.
I only hope when it is her turn to walk down the aisle as
a bride, that her maid of honor, her wedding party does
for her all she has done for the brides she has stood by.
She is an awesome host, the best host!
 There is so much in my head that I want to say,
so much jumbled up here, full of emotion which makes it
hard to write a blog that is orderly and says just what I want.
My sister C, she raised two boys.
Arthur, her oldest was not the easiest because
of his wonderfully unique personality, he could
not have been given a better Mommy.
She went with his strides of this child and molded
him into the best man, who is one of the most
caring of all our offsprings. Amanda is a lucky lady.
A hard worker, who at his age, has began his own company
and it is thriving.
Everything he touches is turned to gold.

As I watched him yesterday, having come to the shower later in
the day, it is still that little boy in his smile.
I am brought back to the memory a few years ago when
our Arthur was in a motor cross biking accident and
ruptured his spleen.
That morning, when C called to say he was at 
Lady of the Sea ICU I freaked.
There was a hurricane in the gulf and all I could think of
was that if this spleen continued to bleed, he could
die. I knew he needed a pediatric specialist as 
LOS as great as they are, could not  handle
the problem he was having if things went poorly.
I went to the hospital and shared my fears with
Arthurs parents and the ICU nurse who agreed that
he should be transferred. Later that day he was 
transferred to Children's Hospital and thankfully he 
did fine with his healing. Mommy and I, the Saturday
drove to New Orleans to see my sweet nephew and
all he wanted was his hair washed as it was still full
of mud I lovingly got all those things I needed to wash his
hair in his bed as he was on complete bed rest.
As I placed my hands in that head filled with thick 
beautiful hair, I remember getting choked up,
thanking the Big Man for the opportunity to be
his aunt for a longer time. If you ask Arthur about
that time, he may tell you the best part of it was
when his Aunt Lil washed his hair. 
A special moment we shared that still lives in both
our hearts.
Or course there are many memories of this little
boy that lives inside of me:
 "Aunt Lil, I want some Juiey"
It's what I was awakened to many nights that he slept at
my house. Having two children who almost always slept through
the night, this little boy did not.
I knew when he was coming sleep I wasn't gunna sleep much.
He needed his "juicy" many times during every night.
It didn't take me long to realize I needed to put a cup of juice
on my bedside to make it easier to sleep with this child.
He also taught me the difference between chocolate chips and
a poo poo diaper.
One day while giving him chocolate cookies I kept having to
wash his hands because they seemed to have melted chips
each time I checked on him.
After a while I realized he was putting his hand in his
diaper that was full of poop....
It is one of my favorite stories to tell about him 
and he loves it too.
He and his little brother, who is now taller than him
have grown up to be the best of friends.
It makes me happy to see the two of them together,
and their girls, Amanda and Kaylee, thankfully are very 
close as these boys will continue their lives together.
My sister C, I know when she sees her two boys together,
she must swell with pride, she and TEd have raised two
fine young men. I am so proud to be their Aunt Lil.
Just a small tad of all going through my head this morning,
I know I did the party and the people I speak of here,
not enough justice but I think I at least have shown the special
man our Arthur has become and just how much he is loved
by many but most especially by his Mommy.

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  1. Congratulations, Amanda & Arthur!!!