Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mother Mary Comes to me...

If you have been a part of lilbit of my world since
the beginning, way back in 2009,
or if you know me well and personal,
you would know how much I love our dear Mary.
Even when I was a little girl, she was my favorite.
I often speak of her to my religion kiddies
and we discuss that in today's world,
if a young engaged woman, who had never slept with
her fiance' yet, saving herself for marriage,
made the statement that an angel came to her and said
she had been chosen, that she would birth a child,
a son who would be the son of God, given to the
world to show hope, show faith, show truth.
We discuss in today's world, what would the future husband think?
Yes, in today's world, if these things happened, 
I do believe a psychiatric evaluation would be necessary.
Whether you or I believe the Bible stories to be true
or just parables, is our own rights.
For me, it is where faith comes in.
I choose to believe that she bore God's only begotten son.
For that reason as well as I always believing her to be the most
beautiful woman, I love her.
So, here goes another Fancy Findings story.
One day, having been invited by Ms. Rita and Marlaine
to the back warehouse of FF, I spot this beautiful print.
I have never seen this print before nor have i ever
viewed one more beautiful than this one.
I wondered why it had never been put in the front of the
store as surely it would be snatched up quickly.
Marlaine explains she bought it at auction for herself
but realized that because her home is not yet remodeled
it would just sit in a closet for now.
I kept thinking of the print, it's beauty, it's colors,
the look of Mary and Joseph given to their beautiful child.
Finally, this week, I enquire about it again.
It is still in the warehouse, I ask to see it again.
Another woman in the store also asks to see it.
As we walk back there I can feel my heart rate getting faster.
"What if this woman wants this picture"
"I will cry if that picture goes to the home of anyone
but me"
I make my decision on that walk and say aloud,
"Marlaine, I am going to buy it today"
She is happy as she loves it and she also knows
that things that come to my house are loved,
not just purchased. I take it home because
if I had not, that other customer was. She says it
disappointingly to me. Oh Mary, Oh Holy Family
you are now mine.
(thanks HOBL, had to put it on your credit card :) )
For fifty dollars I take this quite large print,
framed and matted home.
I gently take it apart, again hoping someone stashed money
behind the print (no such luck)
I clean off the mildew of the glass, gently wipe away
all the spots I can and oil up the wooden frame.
At first, I thought I would decorate the frame but
decided to leave it in its found state.
I had planned on placing it above our bed.
Our bedroom does not have many things on the wall
and this would have been beautiful there.
It actually may make it there one day but for now,
I decide it needs to live on the wall
above my staircase. It will be seen by all who enter
here. I know this blog has been long and it honestly has
more I want to share but will wait until tomorrow...
For now....

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  1. I'll be singing the song all day, Lil! Beautiful picture!!!