Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another miracle involving Sloane

Months ago, when my high school pal, Billy and
his dear wife, CC, lost their young daughter Sloane.
I blogged with their permission of the pain they were left with 
and yet, how it was just a tad easier because she left them a 
baby son. When Billy called me last week to say he and CC had
finally been granted full custody of her child, it was 
a happy moment, they were ecstatic as the daddy
who was living with Sloane at the time of her death
had made some bad decisions and found himself in jail
with no time to be a part of Bryson's life.
The story could have ended there and it would have
been a sweet ending, yet it did not and another miracle took
place in reference to this sweet baby and his mother.
A few months after Sloane was buried and Billy and CC
found themselves relearning how to be a parent,
they were approached by another couple.
The other couple spoke of how they did not want
to cause Sloane's parents any more pain
but they had reason to believe that baby Bryson
may be their grandson also.
It seems that Sloane and their son dated for a few months
while she and the man she was living with when she died,
had broke up. Because Bryson had been born a few weeks early 
than her due date, there was a chance that this other young
man may have been his father.
Billy and CC were excited about this.
They knew that although Sloane and he had broken up,
Sloane had gone back to the man who was not the best for her,
that she had loved this other boy.
His parents believed the baby looked just like their own son.
A Paternity test was done and last week, the results were in.
Billy called to say that in fact, the other young man
was Bryson's father. He was relieved as this other family
was a wonderful one, would be a part of Bryson's life
and unlike the other people who believed they were the
paternal side of his life, this family would be positive
roll models in his life.
Okay again, the story could end there, but
the added touch, the part that makes this ending even
more special for the other set of grandparents,
they lost their dear son, Bryson's father two days
after B was born!
Now they have a piece of their son in Bryson
and can be a part of his life, almost like
the knowledge of knowing their son still lives
in the heart and soul of this wonderful little boy.
Billy and CC are wonderful people, wonderful grandparents,
as Billy shares with me that they now know they
will be allowing these grandparents be a part of Bryson's life.
An amazing story, isn't it.
Nothing can bring these parents children back but
having Bryson is having a slice of Heaven right in his soul!

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