Thursday, September 26, 2013

When the helicopter view becomes apparent

With Abigail's permission I share her story
Some of this may be a bit repetitive but necessary for
those who may not know the history of lilbit of my World
I teach religion to a group of the most awesome teenage girls.
Last year they were in their first year of confirmation preparation
and this year, after their second year is complete, they 
will confirm with me at their side.
Over the summer our DRE moved and
we now have a new leader. 
I was not sure if I was going to be able to teach this year
but after running in to a few of my girls
over the summer, them saying if I didn't come back 
they were not confirming was enough to make me believe
I need to be there. Our first class was Sunday.
Oh how I have missed these children!
As our lesson goes, Abigail shares that she and
another of my students were in a car accident
and although they were both okay, she thought of
my lesson about the "helicopter view" I spoke to them about last year.
She thought of how I explained to my little class my philosophy on
how we can't see what God can as he has the helicopter vies.
She is anxious to speak to me after class so we spend a little time
together. Seems as though although she was at fault, she did 
not get a ticket. She explained that as she sat in 
the car with her friend, she was afraid, afraid for more
than one reason. She was thankful that her friend was
with her as the other car peeps had become upset with
them for calling the police.
"They kept asking us to not call the police, to
let it go" There was much damage and she explained
that her daddy told her to do so they became 
even more angry. As she waited, she thought of just how
close a life could be taken, how I had explained the
helicopter view explaining that some things that happen
to us is not at all about us.
When the police gets there she realizes what she has
caught by cutting in front of this car is criminals!
There was a warrant for the arrest of both of them
for Murder! They also had firearms in their car and
were arrested at the scene. Abigail, although was
at fault did not get a ticket.
She just had to let me know that she thought of me,
of the stories I have taught her. Her grandmother
also told her that God used her to catch those criminals.
Just thinking of what could have happened gives me chills.
They could have used the weapons on my two gals!
"If I can touch just one child all I do is worth it"
It is a statement that is hear often.
To know that my teaching has lived in Abigail's heart and
mind has the helicopter view working on me also.
With Abigail's story I know, God has given me
reassurance that I did the right thing by returning to 
religion teaching.
Thanks, Abigail for sharing, for loving me!                                                                                                         

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