Thursday, September 12, 2013


It called my name, all afternoon, as I viewed the antiques available
at the show, I kept going back to it.
The price tag on the last day of the show was marked down
from 125 to 75 dollars.
The owner could tell I wanted it so she shares that
she really does not want to drag it back with her so
if I wanted it it was mine for 60 dollars, no tax.
Still I walked away.
 Right before the show closed, the owners hubby was filling
it with things he was packing and I had to have it.
Sixty dollars cash and I took this beauty home.
As I told the vendor, this piece of treasure will not only
be in my home but it will live there, it will be loved, it 
will be treasured, it will be used.
You see, when I opened the top of the trunk, saw the beautiful
vintage pattern of the paper, saw the sticker of the animals that had been
placed on the top, I knew that some little child had loved
this trunk, I envision her to have been a girl.
 The iron work above is so darn beautiful all I did was oil it up
as I did for the whole outside of the trunk.
The inside I only covered with two thick coats of Modge Podge
to stop it from tearing as it is pretty dry and flaky in there.
I didn't want to change not one little thing of this once
loved trunk.
Now, what I would do, if this beautiful thing could talk to me.
Who were you, little child, who put the sticker on this
beautiful vintage paper? What was this used for,
did it travel on waterways as a suitcase to a child,
or was it merely a toy box back in its day?
I want to know and yet I know that the only story
it will tell me is the ones made up in my mind, my heart.
Soon it will house toys for our very own sweet little girl,
Bean as she too seems to have a liking to the trunk,
especially the sticker on the inside.
Speak to me.....
I wish you could,
This very morning, as I found myself just finishing this post,
did i also find myself in one of those
coincidental events.
My friend Jane who owns a local antique store 
called me to come and look at an old suitcase she 
was shopping around for me.
The suitcase would not do but my eyes scan the place
and by her desk I eye a trunk very similar to mines.
The shock when I opened it to find the same, and I mean same,
inside paper of vintage blue papers and a sticker on
the top, not animals as mine is but of a young boy,
the trim around the sticker is the same as the one
that lives at my home.
When things like this happen, I am just a tad bit
 These last two pictures are the one I found today.
How i wish I had space for this!

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