Tuesday, September 10, 2013

service at the Plaquemine Burger King

Because we lived right behind the Cut Off
Burger King years ago, because the place
is just a little further down the road from those
golden arches, we rarely go to Burger King.
Coming home on Sunday, HOBL asks me to 
get him a burger for supper. I decided it was time
to rekindle a love for BK.
So glad I did. There was very little business there at the
time I went so waiting at the drive up was short lived.
I place my order and am very impressed with the 
voice at the other end of the speaker and had
decided when I moved up to pay, I was going to 
thank him for being so polite.
He beat me to it.
At the pay window was the cutest young black male
Be still my heart, I am an old lady but this
young man was beautiful.
Before I could lay on my compliment he beat me to it.
"Thank you, Ma'am for being so polite while ordering."
Now this is not something I normally hear at a fast food
drive up window. So I tell him,
"Thank you for also being polite and very cute"
He smiles and is even cuter, not in the least embarrassed
by my comment. I then decide at the next window,
I will ask for the manager and brag about this 
most special employee.
As I wait and before I can ask for the manager,
another cutie patootie boy hands me an
ice cream and before I can even say I didn't order that.
"Here is a treat for being such a nice customer"
Really??? Am I really at the Burger King???
I ask if he is the manager and he shares that he 
most certainly is. I brag on his employee, I brag
on him. I jokingly tell him now I am going
to put on some fat and he just smiles,
I am also smiling, smiling big
as this type of service, which should be the norm,
is rarely seen. I am happy when I live,
I am content.
I will be visiting the Burger King more often.

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