Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Days for the other Riera's

There is nothing more exciting for a Momma of grown children
better than hearing those very children are doing so well as adults.
The other Riera family, in the midst of planning to build a home
are also leaving today to go to Disney!
Bean has been so excited, each morning we have to watch
Utube videos of Disney and she will ask,
"I'ma go on dere?"
"Ima sit wit my daddy and my Mommy"
"I'm not going to be scared"
"it's not real, Mumsie?"
Just a few things we hear each morning.
I am so pumped for them, wish I was going.
The fact that they are going with good friends of theirs
will make the trip even better for them.
I can't wait to hear all her stories when she gets back as she
is a great story teller.
As for my gypsy baby,
I love when I hear excitement
in her voice. She is not one to get excited much,
alot like her Daddy but last night, she is so very pumped
because she was told that she has earned herself a promotion
at her new job at the La Berge Casino steak house.
It seems that a few days ago, she was thrown into a situation
where she had to work an area that she never has worked before.
Her first reaction was she didn't want to do it 
but her manager told her to just do the best you can and
it would pay off for her.
She did just that with a good attitude.
What she did not know was their big global manager
happened to be visiting and assured her other boss
that this girl was ready to be promoted.
She is now going to be training for a front waiter 
which is a big deal in the casino world.
I hear he pride in her voice, I know she is proud of herself.
There is nothing a Mommy loves more than knowing
her children are doing well and happy,
no matter what their age is.
I am a lucky Momma, ya!

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