Monday, September 9, 2013

I am Honored, I am Humbled

If you are fortunate, you will know how it feels to be honored,
to be humbled.
hon~or: a showing of unusual merited respect:
Hum~ble: reflecting, expressing, or offered in a 
spirit of deference (respect due to a superior of elder)
I try really hard yet always enjoy, to spend time
with the kiddies in my life.
Those who are friends children,
those who are related,
those who call me Nannie.
As I have often said here and to many,
I plan on leaving a legacy behind me when I say
goodbye to this world. Have said that many times.
However, through a lifetime, many may not know
just how important they may be to someone until they are gone.
I want to change that in my life. I also hope,
that in doing so, others may
do the same. I want to try and have others express
what makes those they love special to them.
There are those days that are spent alone, not feeling so
hot and I wonder if I am doing enough for others,
if I am letting them know how special they all are to me.
So it was so special, on Saturday night, as myself,
my sisters and many of my nieces and nephew, sat
in the Cut Off Youth center there to support our beautiful
Tedi-girl in a pageant she was in.
It was especially special for me as our beautiful girl
walked across the stage, posed for the judges, to hear
in her bio that the one person who inspires her, who she
admires is her Nannie, Lilly Riera.
She did not know I was going to be there as I surprised her
with my visit, the surprise was mine to be had.

I am brought to tears as I hear my name mentioned
and that this child not only feels like I am her inspiration but
that she also knows just how important she is to me.
It solidifies feelings and I am honored, I am humbled,
I love so as to be loved.
Thanks, my dear Tedi-girl for such a special moment.
I hope you know how much I love you.
I leave this blog with wonderful thoughts for you 
as well as all those other children I love so much.

Continue to shine, continue to be the kind of girl you are,
continue to be the change you want to be in the world,
and always, always, always know you are a priceless treasure to me.

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