Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am late....

I am late, should not still be here in Plaquemine
on the day my oldest sister,  Mone is having an angiogram
and yet, she is in good hands as her two children and
some of the sisters are already there.
Wanted to take just a small minute
to ask for prayers for her as the cardiologist is
sure there is some blockages around that heart of hers.
Our Mone has been through so much,
breast cancer times two,
two ariticial knees that got infected and caused
her to be hospitalized for 6 months after
removing the knee hardware and being replaced
after the infection was cleared.
She has had two rounds of chemotherapy and almost
bled out after the last angiogram she had.
I know she must be afraid but you won't ever here
her complain. Just not that type.
She can drive you crazy but you won't hear her complain.
Last night it was C's idea for us sisters to all say the rosary
on our "Mommy rosary" at the same time for our Mone.
If you have a minute today, say a few prayers for her.
We are not ready to loose another of our troops so soon
after loosing the Mommy.
Thanks in advance!
 Mone and her grandbaby, Lillian when she was born
 C, Mommy, Mone and Hugh at Mommy's Manor Xmas party
 The mother daughter tea this year with her Minta and Lillian
 Mone back in the day.... many moons ago
 a sister picture during her last chemotherapy treatments
 Mone last month for my birthday
Oh our Mone, such a beauty, one photo my Daddy took

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  1. That was done so well and prayers on there way.