Monday, September 16, 2013

Quilts filled with love.

My sister, C, she is known as a wonderful businesswoman.
One of the very few women who is President of a company.
She has self-taught herself the business and without a college
degree, landed herself a President job.
What people may not know about her is that in her leisure time,
which is far and few between,
she crochets beautiful quilts for those she loves.
My Godmother, Our Aunt Nan TATA
tried to teach all us nieces how to crochet, she was an expert.
The only one who really paid attention, who
mastered my Nannie's talent was sister C.
If you ever have the privilege of seeing my sister relaxing
you can bet it will be with crochet needle in her hand.
If you own a quilt handmade by C, you are blessed, you 
are loved. Such is the case with My BB.
C is his own Nannie and on his second Christmas she
crocheted this most beautiful quilt. 
I can't tell the hours BB  played on this quilt,
having his little farm animals and pretending it was the farm.
It was picked up for many years and when Bean came along,
I took it back out and placed it on her bed at Mumsie's house.
One day I watched as she too took all her little figures and
pretended like her daddy, that this farm was lived in.
Made my heart happy, had to share that with sister C.
Since this time, she has made many a quilts.
She has made them for her own children, for our great nieces
and nephews.
She made a beautiful yellow one for our Mommy and
it makes us all happy to know that where our Mommy's
body resides, in the cemetery once again with our Daddy,
it is this very quilt that she is wrapped in.
 As special as that one was,
 none has been more special than the one she has
made in the last year. 
This one had many smiles and tears poured upon it.
The quilt that she worked on as we cared for 
our dying mother, the quilt she was working on many days
that we spoke and texted.
The recipient of this special quilt was her own soon to be,
daughter in law, Amanda.
There is no gift given on that day that could
be more filled with love, an acceptance that Amanda is no
longer just her son's girlfriend but her own daughter now.
I was privileged to be standing by her baby boy, Arthur
who is marrying this beautiful girl.
I watched him as he saw her unwrap this beautiful blanket.
No one smiled bigger, no one clapped louder than him.
It  was evident how much he loves his Mommy,
how proud he is of her talent,
how special he knows this quilt is to his wife, his marriage.
If you are privileged to have a beautiful quilt handcrafted
by my sis, you are special, you are loved,
just as sister C is special and loved.

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