Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MY LILLIAN, how I love thee!

This post is once again about my namesake, Lillian.
She is the daughter of my niece, Minta (named after my mommy)
and her hubby, Duane. 
She is now in pre K having turned 4 in May.
Tonight her parents asked me if I could keep her for a few
hours while they go to her school open house.
After Mommee died, I told Minta that anytime she needed me
I wanted her to ask me.
"If you promise to ask, I promise to tell you no if I can't)
This philosophy has worked pretty good for all of us.
I love, love, love spending time with her and
the feeling, I do believe, is mutual.
I just have to share a little bit of this sweet child's sense of 
humor. After she eats my Fricasse' and
a homemade chocolate oatmeal cookie and a bag of popcorn.
After she plays in the tub and after we play 
"beauty shop" which is the only way she will let me
blow dry her hair it's time to play in Bean's room.
"Aunt Lil you be the baby"
"Okay" I reply "What will you be?"
"I will be your worst nightmare!" 
as she puts a dinosaur hat on her head.
Geeze, I love this child!

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