Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 day pink drink challenge

I have decided that maybe I need a little boost
with this weight loss thing that is not happening.
My famous saying is,
"I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or cheat on my husband,
So I like to eat..."
I could try and fool myself by saying,
"Oh it is my thyroid disease that causes me not to loose weight"
"My metabolism is bad since I had my hysterectomy"
But I would be lying to myself and to others,
I like to eat too much and
Diana's chocolate baby bananas have
got to get off my menu.
A friend of mines sells the new fad
called Plexus slim or the "pink drink"
that seems to be what every one is praising.
I normally do not fall for these things,
opting for the healthy thing of just not eating like a pig
and exercising.
How is that working for me????
Well it's not.
So I have decided to try the 7 day challenge and will
share my experience with you guys.
For 30 dollars my 7 day challenge came in the mail
and yesterday was my first day.
It consists of taking a capsule each morning that is
called the accelerator.
Now, I am not a believer in the "all natural and safe"
I say to that, Marijuana is all natural too, but it is against
the law. There is caffeine in this capsule and other natural
ingredients. If you are a heart patient, you cannot take the
accelerator. Once you take the accelerator
you are then to mix the "pink drink" in a bottled water
and drink that also in the morning.
It is the part of the challenge that is supposed to boost
your metabolism and get you burning calories.
They say you can do just the drink and not change
your eating habits and still loose weight.
This does not seem like it could be true.
The drink tastes fruity with a little hint of
something that I am not a fan of.
The taste is tolerable and I know many would really like
the taste but I don't like any of those powders mixed in
water so I am not one to judge the taste.
I am a diet coke and tea girl.
Yet I did drink it like directed with the accelerator.
Ash told me that after taking the accelerator be sure
to eat a half hour after.
I know why....
because it cut my appetite so greatly that I probably
could have gone all day without eating.
That would have caused my sugar to drop to rapidly.
I do not believe in fasting as a safe way to loose weight
so I did as she said and ate a peanut butter on a
slice of wheat toast.
Usually I eat something small at home then eat again
when I get to school, a fruit bar or something. By the
time 11:30 comes I am famished and whatever the
cafeteria is serving, I want.
Yesterday, I never noticed the time and had to make
myself eat a lean cuisine.
Even when I got home at 4, when I am usually starving
and begin my night time ritual of eating supper
at 4:30 and eating until bedtime, mostly junk
to an excess, I still was not hungry. Last night I ate a normal supper of
a ham and cheese sandwich, not because I was hungry but
because I knew I had to eat.
I had no cravings for chocolate when reading in bed last
night and ate no snacks.
This sounds so perfect, right?
Well, for me I did have effects from the accelerator
that I didn't like.
I did have the excitable feeling like I think maybe
ADD kids have. I had many things I wanted to do
and did do my job but had trouble with the focus
I normally have on a project.
I had some sweating and jittery feelings.
I felt a little irritable and aggravated.
Not enough that anyone else would have noticed,
but inside myself, I found little things were aggravating me.
I am usually a "go with the flow and be happy"
sort of girl so this was different for me.
I understand not all have that and Ashley said
those side effects usually go away after the first day or so.
This morning I am remembering how that felt and
having doubts as to whether I want to try it again today
but I made a commitment to the 7 day challenge,
so I am going to take it.
I know if I continue to eat only three meals a day like a normal person,
I will loose weight after the week is up.
I am not wanting to take this on a permanent basis,
diet fads scare me so I am hoping that the 7 days will help
me get out of the habit of wanting to eat all evening.
I will continue to post through the 7 days and will also give
the weight loss of the week.
I know this though, the accelerator for sure, cuts appetite
like nothing I have ever tried before.
Still not sure what the "pink drink" part is doing
but a week my show me.
Taking this challenge for the team...
Follow me through it.


  1. Tried this for a week. Couldn't sleep for a week. Became grumpy by day three. Lost 3 pounds though. Not a fan.