Saturday, September 24, 2011

The bean....

Having a baby is a funny thing as all need to make the
"She looks so much like Katie"
"I see all Roddie in her"
The facts when it comes to the bean is
sometimes she looks like KD and sometimes she looks like
Baby boy...
Yet, I see more of KD in her than baby boy.
She is what I call a "combo" baby.
Combinations of two families.
This is KD as a baby,
Jillybean definitely has the shape of her mommy's eyes
and her mommy's hair color.
She is going to walk early as her mommy did too.
KD walked at 9 months, Roddie at 11 months,
she may beat both of them as she pulls up on everything
and now decided she wants to let go.
She was 6 months on the 13th of September,
she is a bulldozer, nothing can stop her from what she wants.
This is Baby boy at the bean's age.
Sorry for the funny face, it is the only one I could find
at the age of JB...
so cute!!!!
Jillybean for sure, has his head size....
and his ears, they are small but shaped just like his...
She has his pretty lips...
And here is the product of the baby that those other two
babies made. A "combo" baby.
The most beautiful and funny baby I know...
I sound so much like a Mumsie right there!