Thursday, September 1, 2011

Early dismissal, good day at TES

No, the day was not good because the children
went home early.
The day was good because we had staff meetings
in the afternoon.
I have to just say that I do believe I work at the
very best parish school facility that exists.
My principal, she is the bomb-diggity.
She has this way about her.
A way that makes you proud of being
a part of her mission.
A way of admitting her shortcomings
and explaining how she is working on it.
A way of being honest even if it is not easy to hear.
A way of reminding us that our new "building"
is not the reason things are changing,
that we started that process long before ground
was broken on the new facility.
Yesterday she reminded us the difference
between a teacher and an educator,
how hard the job of teaching children are.
She reminded us that each of us in that facility
have opportunities to be an educator.
How this year our focus is on the whole child
reminding us that the majority of our children
are from the underprivileged side
and we must be the place where they come to
have their "whole child" nourished.
That we are not only responsible for their education
but also their social and moral lives.
There is no better way to describe our principal
but to say she is the best.
When describing her to others when they ask
about her, I always use this statement.
"She demands perfection, makes you want to do your
very best but what I love the most about her is that
she never asks anything of us that she is not either
already doing or would not do herself."
That, to me, is the best definition of a leader I can give.
Yesterday as I sat on our new stage with all my peers
and our principal and the two best asst. principals,
my thoughts were that I could have stayed home
for the rest of my life. I could been classified as disabled
and not have been falsifying that criteria.
Yet, I chose to come back because this job is my calling
and I am not bragging when I say I know I am good at it.
However, it is only at TES that I wanted to return.
Only TES that can give me the courage to continue to go
even on days that it would be easier to stay home.
A leader's strength is shown in the people she leads.
Our principal is nothing but the very best!
So proud that I am part of her team!

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