Wednesday, September 14, 2011

day two of the challenge

I have had many people talk to me about
taking the 7 day challenge.
Some swear by it and have been on it on a long term basis.
Others tell me that after the 7 days they stopped it
because of side effects of the accelerator.
Some have contacted me just out of pure love
and concern for me.
I understand it all.
I only plan to do it for 7 days and not a day more.
I see and hear all these sales people on facebook
praising this stuff, swearing by it and I
want to know for myself and be honest with people as I
try it myself because I am sorry, why is it that
once you become a distributor of the stuff you swear by it.
So I continue on the challenge being well aware that nothing
claimed to be "natural" is- when mixed together
but also realizing that nothing tried for 7 days will have
ill effects on my body.
Yesterday was much better on the accelerator.
I felt almost normal with the side effects lasting about an hour
then I had forgotten I had taken it.
I do not like the taste of the pink drink...
something in it that I cannot stomach.
My appetite was still suppressed as I sat in our school cafe'
and ate meatloaf, one of my favorite meals they cooked.
I usually can eat all they serve me with no looking back.
Today though I ate half and honestly had no
wants for more.
Last night I ate a healthy veggie pizza at subway
before Hughbee's game and couldn't eat the whole thing.
The biggest part for me is the fact that I ate no night time snacks.
5 days left and I can't take tell you what I have lost.
I plan on getting on the scale on day 7 to give the total.
Won't be blogging about it again until the week is up.
Thanks for all the concern of people who love me,
thanks for all the encouragement of those who swear
by the "pink drink"

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