Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good people still surround us!

Saturday on my way to Carencro
I had a blow out.
I knew what it was right away and happened to be
right before the St. Martinville exit so I pulled
into a business place and called Miki to
come and help his Auntie lil.
I was about 8 miles from his house, the weather
was cool so I sat with my door opened and settled
down to wait until he got there.
No sooner had I got off the phone that I saw this
18 wheeler stop yards away from where I was parked
and starting backing up.
My first thought was, "shoot I am in the driveway of
this man's delivery"
The truck stops backing up and this man starts walking towards
me and I to him.
I ask if I am in the way of his delivery and he
says, "No you look like you need some help"
I am so happily surprised and thank him
but tell him my nephew is only a few miles away
and coming to save me.
"No problem, I will be done before he gets here"
He doesn't even wait for me to protest,
Just goes into my opened trunk and begins getting
what he needs.
I notice he has slippers on and I ask where he is going
"On my way home to Texas just made a delivery here."
Before Miki could even get there this sweet man had
my tire changed and was on his way back to his
18 wheeler, back to his family on a Saturday morning.
He refuses money, I beg to give him something.
He finally allows me to "buy his lunch"
I wrap a 20 dollar bill in a way he can't see what the
denomination is because I have a feeling he would
have refused that much.
He leaves me feeling happy.
Happy because in this world that seems to be so
cut-throat and unkind
there are still good people who surround us.

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