Monday, September 12, 2011

My guardian Angel

Wednesday when I got to work, there on my
desk was a picture of Gina B. framed with the words,
I searched the halls of TES to find out who had left
this precious gift on my desk.
It was a perfect photo of her,
a school photo taken years before the
dreaded disease of ALS took over her life.
She is smiling right at me, big,
just like she always did.
No one would admit to being the one who
blessed my desk, my office.
Finally, it came out.
Seems like Susan Brown, my friend who
mans the ISS at my school was helping another
teacher clean her classroom and they came across
many school pics of Gina B.
The other teacher is going to make sure her family gets
these prized pictures.
Yet, Susan Brown saved one for herself and one for me.
Framed it and placed it on my desk, just where most
of my work gets done daily.
The story doesn't end there.
It is known that I have a big mouth and told everyone
the story of my guardian angel,
that Gina is still a part of us here at TES.
Then the next morning there is a not attached to Gina B.
It says,
"I came in before work and kissed our guardian angel"
So here is Gina B. , a picture on my desk still
working at TES from a higher place,
a place we all long to know, hope to go to one
day when our life here is done.
I often say that through my days,
sometime I forget that she is no longer on this Earth
and those are the good days.
She continues to work her magic though.

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