Monday, February 28, 2011

I miss the fishing...

Myself and baby boy, we like to fish.
We are the best fishing buds.
He knows if he takes me fishing I will not whine
to come home or to move spots if the fish aren't biting.
Myself and baby boy, we do two things well together,
clean and fish.
So, every day that the boy throws the cast,
he calls to tell me how many perch he caught.
Patasa fishing is one of my favorites and baby boy
knows this. However, I have not been able to
coordinate my schedule to meet him for
these little gems of a fish.
Last night he calls to rub in that he caught
40 some odd, perch!!
What?!!!!? oh he is so teasing me!
He keeps promising me that the best month is May
but I know he is telling me that because after
he brags he realizes that I really love some fishing.
However, I really love fishing with BB more than
I love fishing.
Even in the worst of BB's days,
he and I perch fished. It was our time to talk
and we do talk when we cast, and sometimes
we don't. Our fishing days are relaxing because
we can just "be" on the water.
I hope Jilly loves to fish...
How awesome will it be for the three generations of us
to spend a day casting and basking....
Soon, baby boy we will get our schedules
together and cast.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

nothing like trying on clothes...

Nothing like trying on clothes to
put you in the mind set to loose weight!
Ugh.... not to mention that the stores on
Perkins rowe were dripping with young cute
lil things with no meat on their bones...
like I was back in the day.
Whatever, I know some of you are saying,
"What is she talking about, 10 pounds to loose, Wish she
would shut up about her 10 pounds..."
Yet again, it is my blog, a lilbit of my world...
problem is I love to eat, I love to bake, I love to cook...
and those things do not go with the cute lil fashions
I wish I could wear this summer....
Ugh... but today, better motivated..
Have been exercising, walking and riding bike
but the eating thing has got to be curbed.
Like the half of sleeve of chocolate chip cookies
nightly dipped in milk gotta get in my dairies, ya know...
Really I am not fat, I am fluffy going to get
rid of some of that fluff even if it kills me, ya know?
Thanks C for a great day of shopping,
oh and for that big piece of chocolate cake
at LaMadelines...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have to go away

Don't get your panties all up in a bunch...
I am not really going away.
Let me explain.
You already know I am a deep thinker.
Yesterday just the simple act of riding my bike
that was given to me by my babies
can get me deep-thinking about the Mothers Day
two years ago when they gave it to me.
I was thinking about how deep I mothered.
All up in there lives, making sure they never doubted
that I was watching, doing.
I was thinking about how odd it is to parent grown children
and the mistakes I have made in that challenge.
I was thinking about how now that I have learned some
rules about parenting my grown baby boy
I now also have to learn a new way to parent baby girl
now that she has ventured out into the world of adulthood.
I was thinking that really to mother grown children
you have to take a step back, let them learn on their own.
I have to not give advice unless it is asked and even
then the advice should only be what I would do
and I can't hold it against them if they decide to do things
differently than me. My job with guiding them my way
is done and I have to know that.
So all of this is going through my mind and heart as
I pedal the bike with the ipod buds in my ears.
then Cat Stevens speaks to me on my shuffle list
and he says it so eloquently.
In a sense of the word, I have to go away.
Not in body but in opinion.
My children are grown, my job of guiding them is over.
I have to take a step back, lead by example
and know that the things I have taught them are there.
They are loving and wonderful people.
I am proud of both of them but it is time for me
to take the back seat, button the lips and let them live.
So today I leave this message to all of us with grown children
and most importantly to my babies.
I know I make mistakes but thankfully you guys
have learned the art of forgiveness.
It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy
your still young, that's your fault
there's so much you have to know.
Find a girl, settle down, if you want to you can marry
look at me, I am old but I'm happy.
I was once like you are now & I know that's it not easy
to be calm, when you've found somethings going on.
But take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got
For you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.
How can I try to explain? When I do he turns away again
It's always been the same old story.
From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen
Now there's a way and I know I have to go away.
All the times that I cried, keeping all the things inside
It is hard, but it's harder to ignore it.
If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them to know, not me.
Now there's a way and I know I have to go away.
I know I have to go.

Friday, February 25, 2011

a new chapter

A new chapter for baby girl.
Yesterday she held in her hand the keys to her apartment
in downtown Thibodaux.
Yes, BG has decided with the support of her parents
that it is time to leave the nest of the Riera's and
make her way to independence.
I thought this day would never come and it has
come too soon. I am so excited for her.
The apartment was a mess, really dirty
so yesterday afternoon we began to clean
and soon it was sure to everyone that this
little apartment has class.
Housed in an old two story home,
the outside leaves little to be desired
the inside, a little diamond in the rough
just like my baby girl.
She is so excited and I for her.
I know this about BG.
She may be slow to make her decisions, even indecisive
often, but once her firm decision is made,
she will not fall back.
My little baby girl will move from her
childhood life into the adult world and will not return.
Never to live again with her parents unless something
disastrous happens. I am happy,
happy for her, happy for me but I know I can't
fool any of you out there.
I may have, lately been looking forward to this day
for the last few months but part of me
still sees her like the little girl with messy hair
who lived in a furry lion king suit most days.
The little girl who had a whole live frog village
going on behind our bathroom cabinet doors.
The little girl who played football as good as the boys
but could be found most days in the bathtub
filled with barbie dolls.
Maternal love is like that, you never see your babies
as fully grown. When you look into their mature faces,
it is still the little children you see.
I love you baby girl and am so happy and proud of you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

which flower are you?

Yesterday while in my glory, reading a scrap magazine
I came across a flower personality profile.
So I read on to see what my favorite flowers say about me.
DAISY- down to earth simplicity. You are organized
and environmentally conscious. Friends appreciate your
loyalty and kindness. You know how to really listen and it
takes a lot to really get you angry.
Hmmmm, that could be me.
I decide to look further into this flower thing.
I love Sunflowers almost as much as I love daisies:
SUNFLOWER- outgoing and determined. Just as this
flower stands strong and sturdy, so does your personality.
You have boundless energy and follow a positive path.
Even though you can tend to be a bit outspoken at times,
you are a true optimist and stand proudly for your beliefs.
Well that surely sounds like me also.
"Wait a minute" I think to myself, I'll bet most of us
are a combo of each of these flowers. I dig further...
DAFFODIL- Free spirited, fun loving, and very creative...
LILY- Peaceful and giving...
BIRD OF PARADISE- Fair to the core...
CHRYSANTHEMUM- Easygoing and casual...
ROSE- Sentimental and good-hearted...
ORCHID- Organized and a lover of all things delicate and elegant...
I then realize the article is a sham.
So vague that I could be either one.
It doesn't matter what your favorite flower is,
you can probably find yourself in any one of them.
What are you?
I choose to believe I am a whole bouquet.
A combination of all of the above as I feel you will
find yourself to be also.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mommy loving

On the day to day, I rarely focus on what has been lost
with Mumsie's dementia.
All of us children love her like a child these days.
We put her under our wing, drag her everywhere,
cater to her, as it should be when you find yourself
at 90 years old with 6 grown children to tend to you.
Yet there are those days that I miss being the child
with a Momma you can call and count on for help.
The momma that can help you out in a pinch.
I am so thankful that we have her and love
the Mumsie she has become.
Sometimes I long for the other momma.
Last night Mumsie called me saying she wasn't feeling good.
I decided to spend the night with her.
I felt like she would be fine but I could tell she was
I tucked her in and fixed the sofa bed.
I read while she rested and when I was sure she was fine
I fell asleep thinking about how much momma has changed
over the years.
I fell asleep but during the night I imagine I kicked my
covers off.
I awakened during the early morning hours to
Mumsie tucking in and covering my feet.
Then I missed the old momma strongly.
That momma, however still lives in the little Mumsie
who graces us today.
I felt just like her little girl for a few minutes,
and I slept so good for the rest of the hours I was there.
Enjoy your mother, wherever she may be in her life today.

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Happy President's Day.
A day for Thanksgiving to those men who have helped
to shape our country into the awesomeness it is today.
Yes, the US of A is still awesome.
It has many problems and every generation has their own
new set of issues but I am so glad I live here.
Where I can make decisions for the day of today.
Where I can come on my trusty little blog and
say what it is I want without worrying about
repercussion except for maybe the people
I happen to blog about on any given day.
I have written before of how I feel about honor
of whatever individual we are calling the President
at any given time.
Whether I like him or not, agree with him or not,
support his decisions or not, I always want to remember
to respect that President.
Today I am most thankful for the fact that
some banks are closed....
Yes you heard it correctly.
Because of this, today I am going to celebrate this
with my two besties, Laurie and Ann.
Laurie's bank is closed and Ann's is not
but she was able to get off for the day to
play with us at the jewelry show!!!!
Yup, heading out early today for some
friendship loving...
Happy President's Day to all!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday night INSPIRE

  • Yes, spent Friday night at one of my favorite places.
  • While some plan their "going out" nights for Friday
  • all I dreamed of last night was the cup-cake social
  • at my favorite scrap place, INSPIRE owned
  • by Ashley Burke
The perfect place to hang out with other ladies even the
younger generation and get our hands dirty.
A place to meet old friends and some bran spanking new ones
where talked loud and laughed even louder.

Jillian's coming has sparked a new interest in my KD.
I invited her to the cupcake social and I am so glad
she took me up on the offer.
We had a great time making our projects and bonding.
Can't wait until Jilly-bean is old enough to play with us, too.

Check out our projects.

What the camera can't show is the fun and many topics
of conversation that went around the store.
That is probably best....
What happens at INSPIRE stays at INSPIRE
well, except for the projects, those we got to take home!

Friday, February 18, 2011


This morning I sit here with Trixie in my lap
and Wisdom is on my mind.
Would it not be the most perfect world,
full of perfect relationships if we all had
the understanding of all and were understood
without having to explain.
I imagine that is part of what heaven is.
Finally having the answers and understanding all the
questions of the human world.
Age is the best teacher of wisdom.
That is, if you listen and learn from the world and others.
If you refuse to grow up and see things through different
eyes then I think you stay stuck.
I don't want to be stuck.
The older I get the more patience I seem to have.
I am imperfect, though.
I still gossip, talk negatively about others,
on the other hand, I am sometimes the one
who will defend the worst, have the back of
someone who needs it.
In my years I have began to look at all angles
of a situation, I try and place myself in the shoes of
others before I make a decision to disagree
with the way some people think or live.
I do know this.
I am a better person at 47 than I was at 25.
I am a more caring individual than I was at 21.
I sometimes go out on a limb, against the grain
to defend some from gossip when I can see
a situation different from most.
So today, I focus on wisdom.
I ask God today for a wise heart...
well, and more years to get it right...
In my imperfection I doubt heaven is ready for me yet.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If your going through hell...

Today my friend, Patricia is undergoing surgery
for the dreaded big C.
Yes at the age of 42 she is faced with breast cancer.
Her future is uncertain until this surgery is over
and all the information is gathered from biopsies
and tissue that will be removed today.
So many face such uncertainty in their lives.
Fear of the unknown is a hell in itself and so today,
I dedicate this blog and lyrics to my P.
and all who else face uncertainty
-rodney atkins-

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feeling nostalgic lately..

I have never really suffered from the fact that my nest is
almost empty. I am proud that one of the babies is
independent and the other is finding her way there.
I don't long for the old days very often.
I like being the Mother of two grown children.
Having said all of this, I still have my moments
when I miss the days of raising the babies.
On Sunday, while sitting in church
it seems that everyone sitting next to me had
a baby or a child either sleeping in their arms
or screaming to get loose.
Church always gets my memory going.
It was always the one place that I felt the closest
to the babies. There they had to sit quietly by
me and allow me to share the love I had for them.
They were often seen hugging on me,
allowing me to caress their hands.
They tell me now that it was out of pure boredom
and not wanting to be there.
For me, it was memories that I will cherish forever.
It is sometimes hard to see these two rugrats in the adults
they now are. I guess that is why this week I have missed
the little ones more.
Baby girl, soon to be flying from the nest to find her way
in the world knowing that her family home will
now just be her safety net for when she needs some loving,
food, or quiet time.
Yet, when I look at her sometimes, just for seconds,
this is the one I see in her face.
It is the way with Mothers...
Baby boy, soon to hold his own precious baby girl in
his own arms is a long way away from this little
boy in this picture. I so look forward to
sometimes sit in church with his own little girl
and share with her how I had to rub his hand from palm
to fingertip for an hour just to keep him still.
I hope to hold her own little hand in mines as
I rub her palm. I want to feel her little cheek
on my shoulder as she falls asleep to the sound
of music in what will become her family church.
Of course, thinking of the baby's growing up years
has me also remembering the days of my own
childhood that I spent in this home.
Lately I have wondered, because we had so many
homes while my babies were growing up,
would they have the nostalgic feelings that I do of this home.
I realized this week that it is not so much the building
we called home but the people who lived with them
in these homes.
I pray that wherever HOBL and I are,
will be where the babies remember their childhoods.
HOME, may they always know the road
that leads them there.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V. Day!

I was looking back on my blog archives
trying to remember what I have posted in the past
so as not to repeat any stories.
I cannot believe that I have never posted my
favorite Valentine story about HOBL and I.
Only red letters can serve the purpose here:
Happy Valentines Day to all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SA Feb. 12th

Today's challenge in SA has always been one of my favorites.
The first time i took the simple abundance challenge
this is the picture I framed and placed on my bedside.
It is still framed now in my scraproom.
In the reading it talks about going back to when you were 10.
I love the way the reading takes you back with the
questions it asks of you.
If you are like me, and had a wonderful childhood
where you felt safe and happy, the challenge
is a wonderful one.
When going back into my childhood I remember
just how much I loved it. A time when there
were no worries, when you trusted yourself because
there were people who loved you making all the
big and important decisions for you.
I hope that if ever my babies take the SA
challenge that their memories of 10 are
good, happy times when they felt safe.
If we give that to our children,
that sense of safety, peace, and happiness
it really is all they need.
These simple things can make for such
a happy adult.
...So do you remember the smell of Play-dough...
do you remember your favorite color in the crayola pack...
go down memory lane, write your memories down.
They will bring you comfort on the road
of comfort and joy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Woman of God Conference

I had been approached a few months ago
about speaking at a Woman of God conference.
Yesterday again, I received a return call
taking me up on the offer I made months ago.
Everyone knows how I suffer from diarrhea of the mouth
and I often tease on how if you give me a
microphone and an audience, I am there.
Honestly, I have not done a motivational speech
or a faith-based talk in some time.
I am energized by this offer.
It will be the first I do since my back surgery.
This one will be a challenge for me.
Unlike ones I have done in the past
that were for teenagers or Alanon groups,
this one will be based on my Faith.
There are guidelines I was given by the
Coordinator of the Woman of God conferences.
I am excited, I am preparing, I am going to do it.
This is something I have always enjoyed
and because this one comes with guidelines
and a time limit I am motivated in a way I have
not been in a while.
I also now have the desire to get more involved in this
organization that I have heard of but really haven't
participated in or know much about.
So as I prepare for my testimony on March 29th
I feel an old feeling that I haven't felt in some time,
excitement of giving back to others, paying it forward
for all the miracles that I have been blessed with.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 years ago today

Today is 7 years that BB decided to go into
rehab. and kick the habit of drug addiction.
It would be easier for some to just forget this day.
Yet in the Riera home it will always be a day
of new life. Not just for BB but for all of us Riera's.
Our small family of 4 was in terrific pain,
scared and trying to find a way to go forward
when one of our own was dying.
Baby Girl played a most important part in
his finding sobriety and in the day to day mundane
world we sometimes forget to place the accomplishments
of these two children on a pedestal.
BG decided that it was easier to not have a brother
at all than to have a brother that was not committed
to her and the betterment of the family.
She at the young age of 14 had to watch her
Mother not be able to pull her body out of bed,
to hold her as she cried. She had to watch her
Daddy's anger of her brother yet she was the strongest.
She decided to just pretend he didn't exist.
BB would call me in his stupor and beg me to have
BG speak with him and she would not relent.
It was in this way that helped BB find sobriety.
BG sometimes gets labeled as the "hard ass"
of the family however, in a lot of ways she is just like me.
She believes in standing by her word but forgiving
when you make the changes that need to happen
to better yourself.
It was in her forgiveness of her brother
that I believe some days kept him sober.
BB's job of sobriety was hard in the beginning.
Hard to watch as his parent.
BG became his best friend and stood beside him
through his first 2 years as his best friend.
So today we celebrate the wonderful accomplishment of
BB but we also celebrate the silent hero of
his sister who doesn't get recognition as much
as she should on a day like today.
I sit here and remember this day 7 years ago
and I am thankful to all,
to HOBL, to BG and to BB
who carried me through the hard times.
To the groups of AA and Alanon who became
our families when we needed them the most.
I, the mother of these two children, am
the luckiest of all.
Happy Birthday to Baby boy,
Thank you Baby girl.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

stronger than i thought

I came across this beautiful piece of artwork this morning
while checking the many blogs I read.
This, posted by a Mother of two young girls
who is fighting metastatic breast cancer.
BB asks me often, "Mom why do all your friends
have some kind of illness?"
Many times I do not have an answer.
This morning I realize the reason is that God
puts me in these friends lives because
he knows in their future they will possibly
need a friend like me. The kind who is
all over their space ready to give to them
and their families whether they want it or not.
I do believe I have some subconscious, selfish motives in
these friendships because it is only in giving back
to others that I truly see how fortunate I have
and continue to be.
I mean it puts life into perspective for me.
Like, really, do I have a right to complain about
my back issues when my sister suffers in
unimaginable pain as she tries to come back
from an infection in both knees?
Do I have a right to complain when Dev.
fights for her life with bone cancer and the
loss of her own child.
Do I have a right to complain when
Gina B. died not being able to scratch her
own nose but never lost the smile to her face?
Do I have a right to complain when P.
deals with the news of cancer and the
mental games that comes with that diagnosis?
My answer is, Yes sometimes it is okay to complain
as long as I pick up the pieces after my tantrum
and realize that I am more than that.
I am stronger than I thought I was.
I read my Mission statement and realize
that my purpose in this world, my
purpose for God sparing my life
is not to sit in self-pity and waste my life.
It is to give back more than I get.
I am back on tract.
Visited my school yesterday, saw many of my friends,
visited my "special class"
danced with my C.S. as we did many days while working
and remembered why I love that job.
My mind is set on a goal, I choose not to loose it again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yay for me!

Saw the infamous Dr. Donner today and he
was quite pleased with my attitude when
compared to last month and very excited
to tell me that my Ct scan looks so darn good!
Much calcium deposits between the bones
that was not there a month ago....
It is soft bone and a full fusion could take
a full year to be considered solid
but the way it looks today means I should
have complete fusion without problems.
So now the next 6 weeks will be physical therapy,
exercise, getting my body to return to work
my projected return date right now is March 21st.
I will see Doc on the 17th and the final decision will
be made but this lil auntie is a happy girl this evening.
Thanks to all the praying that people have been doing
because I choose to believe that this recovery and
another chance at returning to school nursing
a miracle brought on by much praying from those I love.

all ready for Jillian...

Yesterday evening HOBL and I spent the day with
Baby boy and Kd, watched the superbowl at
kd's parents house but the thing that really excited me
was the fact that all is ready for Jillian's coming.
Of course, we all want her to stay where she is until
she is healthy enough to be born without complications
but the anticipation of her coming is beginning
to be felt by all of us, especially KD.
I mean, can we say too much time on her hands when
she can bling baby wipe holders and pacifiers....
The bed sits all ready for the Jilly-bean to come home.
her shoes are all lined up in a row...
Poor little girl will not have time to even try on
all this 0 to 6 month clothing unless
her momma changes her every time she feeds her...
Are we sure she is a girl... she better be! lol
This is HOBL, aka gramps talking to Jilly bean...
How peaceful is this little space for our girl to
grow up in...
She has her CD player all lines up with Rock lullabyes
yes, rock lullabyes, there is Journey, Tool...
so soothing and beautiful.
The necessities of her cleanliness sits here
all ready for diaper changing business...
There are times in my day when I forget that I am
about to be a Mumsie and then I remember
and I get all giddy inside, like when you think
of an upcoming vacation.
I do believe this vacation will last a long, long time.
5 more weeks...
Your parents are ready, Jilly-bean
there is nothing you shall want.

Friday, February 4, 2011

the attraction to auntie Lil's house

I am not sure what drives these kids to love
coming to their auntie Lil's house.
It isn't like we have anything fun to do,
it isn't like I have the newest games
and they are not allowed, while visiting to play
on computers at auntie Lil's
because that takes away from my time with them.
So last week when three of the Plaisance kids
came to stay a few hours with Auntie Lil
I decided to capture the visit.
What was the fun, was it the brownies I made them?
Nope, I was critiqued about the nuts I put in them.
Was it the Pizza, nope it wasn't the kind they liked,
except for Lucy she is a trooper...
oh and Ellie likes the crust so that was all good.
We worked on pyramids:

and posed for the final product.
We watched some Sponge Bob...
Well all of them actually that were on Demand
because this little pixie loves her sponge bob...
We played "lead the blind" with my snuggie...
yes, she led him right into the grandfather clock.
We demanded more sponge bob and ate lots of Pizza Crust.
We practiced Lady GaGa and Lu had my attention
as she showed me all her cheering moves...
We practiced our winking as Lu practiced taking pictures...
We posed like models...
.... and their favorite game ever at Auntie Lil's house,
we played "don't move" many, many times.
The game my own father played with his own children
and grandchildren. It consists of lightly touching their
faces with my fingers while saying "don't move, don't move"
over and over until my fingers find their way into
their ears.....
If they move they loose...
They loooovvvveeee this game and are
so competitive that they make me keep scores.
As their parents pack them up to head back to
Golden Meadow I already miss them
and realize maybe what they love the most
about Auntie Lil's house is that no matter
what they do, they have my full attention
a viewing audience that loves them tremendously.
I hope whatever home I ever live in
they have fond memories of days gone by
spent doing nothing important and everything fun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


(myself and Reggie, cousin at 4)
Last night as I prepared for the "bath"
I opened a new box of pink Dove soap.
I took a big wift of the wonderful aroma
and immediately was brought back to a place
that was my safe place while going through cancer.
My aunt Ga-Gald and Uncle Red's home was
that safe place. When I was there, awaiting
the doctors appointments and hospital stays
that were going to cause havoc on my body,
I felt safe. It is where I encountered my first
bar of Pink Dove.
I believed as a child that my aunt and uncle were rich.
At my home that was always filled with many
mouths to feed we only had the soap that happened
to be on sale that week. Usually Dial was the cheapest.
Yet in Chalmette, they used only Pink Dove.
I awaited the evening that would take me into
their elegant bathroom for the smell and lather
of the Pink soap.
I stayed in the tub for long periods of time,
wishing that at my house we could have Dove.
I never asked for it, it wasn't something you
shared with your parents.
I know if I had I would have had it.
Yet I didn't want it at my house.
Yes I was as deep as I am now as a little child.
I wanted my Griffin house to be where
the soap was used because it brought me
comfort at a time when I had no control over
what happened to me.
As I sat in the hospital of Touro, awaiting
to be taken from my parents into a surgical suite
where they would poke and prod me,
catheterize and x-ray me,
I could smell the aroma of Pink Dove soap
on my skin and I felt comforted.
It is probably no surprise to all of you followers
that I now, and have since I am an adult, only
buy and use Dove soap.
It is not always the pink type.
The new green and orange are some of my favorites
but it is only in the scent of the Pink bar
that brings me back to the safe place of my childhood.
What a lucky little girl I was!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pictures sometimes say it all!

I mean, really, have you ever seen a woman carry a baby
so radiantly?
All know how much I love my
daughter-in-law and I didn't think
she could do anything that would make me love her more
then she decided to become the Mother to my
grandchildren and I am in awe of her.
Kd with her and BB's grandmothers.
The new grandmothers
Kd practicing with her own godchild, Carter and
"Jewsie" as Jillian will call BG,
and the blessings that hosted this wonderful baby shower
given to KD.
Blessings abound BB and Kd.