Wednesday, April 27, 2011

soul surfer

Saw the movie, Soul surfer yesterday with my BESTIE,
Laurie and her girls, Lindsey and Jess.
It is the true story of the young professional surfer
who lost her arm to a shark attack back in 2003.
I remember the story in the headlines but
the movie portrays the strong willingness of
a young girl to make a come back not only to
the sport she loved but to life.
Where do people get the courage to get through
something like this?
The movie was such a portrayal of a strong
family unit and what love can do for a young girl.
I cried, yes I know that doesn't surprise you but the
"bestie" OMG!!!
When we got up to leave I wanted to pick up my
trash and surrounding the Bestie's chair were like
15 soiled paper towels saturated with her tears.
I was like,
"Girl how much crying did you do?"
She began when the movie began and dried her last
tear as we walked out and laughed about how much
she cried.
I do think she may need an IV transfusion as
she has to be dehydrated after all that crying.
All kidding aside, see the movie and take your children.
Children need to see what perseverance can do for the soul.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The art of writing

many people read and enjoy it
but few write.
The thing is about writing is that you do not
have to do it well to put something on paper
that is meaningful.
It is one of the things I fear are dying with the new
generation of Iphones, texting,
emails and all those other technology things that
help us to connect to others but stop us from
really writing.
The thing is, you don't have to be good at it to do it
and the other thing is that the more you do it, the
better you get at it.
I still get excited when I get a personal letter or card
in the mail instead of junk mail and bills.
I try and send out many handmade cards and you will
never get a card signed by me that doesn't have
a love note with it.
If it is signed "lil"
then it will have a drawn heart and it will consist of
words that mean something.
I would like to start a new writing revolution.
Encourage your children to journal, to write as well
as read. They will learn so much of themselves by doing this.
They will look back on it as they grow up and be shocked at
how much they change. Teach your children
to write and send thank you cards. Make sure they
consist of a handwritten note.
People love getting thank you cards from children.
Also, start up writing yourself.
Challenge yourself to put a card or letter in the mail
this week to someone who would least expect it, just because.
Make it a ritual that when you do buy a card, never send
it without some type of "love letter" also written.
Give lots of books as gifts but always sign a book
and write some type of message in it.
A book or a journal is one of my favorite gifts to give
and all will have a handwritten treasure in them.
Communication via snail mail is a dying art.
It is up to us to make sure it doesn't die.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Plant a tree...

I pondered over, besides a savings account, what we could give
our Jilly-bean for Easter.
I combed the aisles of traditional Easter things and nothing
was good enough. Nothing was something that she would
remember as her gift of her first Easter when she happened
to be a mere 6 weeks old.
I was bothered by the fact that I didn't want to do traditional.
I wanted to do different as I want to be a different Mumsie
the kind that she thinks is weird but always fun,
the kind she will love just because I am different from most.
As I was in the car driving around thinking about all of this when
I heard Kidd Kraddic talking about giving a tree as a gift.
Right away my mind went back to a time when I was much
younger and I always wanted to plant a tree when my own
babies were born and take a picture of them in front of their
tree each year at the same time to see how they grew
along with the tree.
I never got a chance to do it for two reasons,
because we moved every few years and because
at the time trees were expensive and we had no money
to throw away on trees.
I thought of when we bought the house we are in now
that the previous owners talked about the tree in
my back yard that was planted the week of their first
daughters birth and how they planted her umbilical cord
under that tree.
How the Mother asked us never to cut it down and if we
did to let her know so she could see about moving it to her yard.
Her husband thought she was crazy about the fact that
it was not going to be an easy thing to dig a big tree up
and move it to their home.
I promised her that I would not cut the tree down no matter
how much HOBL threatened to do it.
With all of this in my mind I decided that only a tree
would be good enough for our Jilly-bean,
her gramps' "sweet pea"
I proceeded to Lowe's and bought our sweet
first grandchild a pecan tree.
Yes, a pecan tree.
She will be blessed with this huge yard to grow up in
and my thought went to a time in the future that she
will swing in a tree swing hung from her pecan tree,
a time when she will pick pecans for her Mumsie to make
her cookies with. A time that the shade will be a place for
picnics and tea parties.
I am happy with the purchase and her DeDa has already
planted it in a corner of their yard that needed shade.
Jilly-bean is now a proud owner of her own pecan tree
and HOBL and I are happy with our purchase.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

69 perch in all...

Baby boy and I's fishing adventure consisted
of 69 pa-ta-sa's!
A good day for two avid fisherpeople.
I do believe with the ones we had to throw back we
caught 100 but BB said
we can only count the ones that are keepers.
These little morsels fried up like potato chips
are the best things out there.
Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh Easter Bunny, how you've not changed over the years..

Baby boy and Kd and I were conversing over
the creepiness of the Easter bunny in Jilly-bean
and Carter's first Easter picture.
BB said he looks so vintage...
And no wonder kids cry when being placed
on his lap, I mean what young child would not
be afraid of this bunny creeping into their
home as they sleep.
This got me looking for old pics of the Easter bunny.
I was not one of those mommy's who faithfully did
Easter bunny and Santa pictures but I have a few
random ones.
This Bunny was taken at Oak Alley...
This one at Lady of the Sea Hospital's easter egg hunt,
Baby girl and Little Ricky...
Baby boy and the Easter bunny, not sure the history of this one...
Not sure the history of this one either but I am almost
sure that it was taken at Southland mall...
The fact of the matter is, The Easter bunny of Jilly-bean's
picture actually is vintage since it doesn't seem as he has changed
much over the years.
Then there is this last picture,
the picture taken in Alaska and I am sure that the tyke
in the picture is much creepier than the actual bunny.
My opinion of course!
Very scary right there!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

if nothing else...

If nothing else comes from this
fusion surgery I will be fortunate for the fact
that it has allowed me to do those things that
had become a "no-no" before the surgery.
I will be honest here to say prior to fishing,
I have to take medications that I hate to take
but it allows me to do those things that I
love to do.
One of my favorite things that you guys probably
already know that I love to do it to fish.
I love to fish, can do it all day every day.
I can't do it anymore every day but once in a while
I take the plunge and go for it.
Yesterday was that day as Baby Boy and I
had plans for a day on the water.
The water was calm, the trip was mild
and the pa-ta-sa's were biting.
I don't know how many we caught but I know
we caught over 60.
Today I will have to lay low for all we did yesterday.
However, I would not change a day in the boat with
my BB for anything.
Our quality time together, just us,
usually involves the water.
I have blogged about it before but
each time I spend time with him on the water
I am thankful for this child, for the love of fishing
that we share. The things we get to talk about I will never forget.
Only one thing could have made it better.
Baby girl was supposed to join us and couldn't
because of work commitments.
I have to add the added bonus in my days fishing with BB...
When we get home now there is a fine wife waiting
there with supper cooked for us and the sweetest
little baby girl to hold and love.
I just can't get over how much she changes in just
the few days since I have seen her last.
She smiles now, big and when she does she squints her
little eyes and you just want to eat her up.
She want to coo so badly, just can't seem to find
her voice just yet and when she does she shocks herself.
I whisper messages in her ear, I tell her about
all that is going on in my life and she
is such a good listener....
Happy Easter weekend to all

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a thought to ponder

Being out of work for months due to medical issues
I am having to find another way to show me that
there is more to me than my occupation.
I always knew it but now I am having to rely on it
to find the new meaning for my life.
I go from days when I stress about the fact that
nursing has been a part of my since I was 18
and saying goodbye to that if I have to will be so hard
to the days that I realize I am so much more than just a job,
a paycheck. This week has been a good one to remind me
of that. Having Malaina and her mom, Cindy here
for a few days has been good for me as well as lots of
other things I have and will do this week.
Helping Cindy with M has made me so thankful to have
so many children in my life. To rock her when she did not
feel well, to get the smell of her little girl hair an extra blessing.
To be able to get her mind off of her healing by showing her
scrapbook techniques and learning more about her life
as we did this, an added bonus.
To have had 4 of my great niece and nephews earlier in the
week, to just play with them, old- fashioned play
reminded me that I am important in their lives.
I have things to offer them that no one else can add
but me. Playing with them but also adding my
views on the simple things of life is important.
Then yesterday right after I could have cried when
Malaina and Cindy left, Jesi's friend Meagan came to play.
We created some Easter gifts for those she loves
making the above quote such a true statement.
Meg and I enjoy each others company, we have a lot in common.
She reminds me of a younger version of myself,
a lot like I was at her age of 20.
Today, today I head to Plaquemine for a fishing trip
with my Baby boy.
From my head, to my heart and out through my hands.
A good reflection on what my life has become without
the school nursing to show me daily that I make a difference.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

been incognito

Yes, incognito because I have been doing
some private duty nursing...
Well not really, my little niece on HOBL's side,
Malaina had her tonsils out on Monday
and she and her momma have stayed here to be
closer to the hospital in case there was complications.
I don't get to spend as much time as I would like
with this precious 8 year old as I would like
so although not for a good reason, I am
so glad they took me up on my offer to stay
here for a few days.
Yesterday she felt well enough to scrap with her
auntie lil and that we did.
Today they head back to Cut Off and I will be sad.
It has helped me having them here not to miss HOBL
so much. When talking about sweetness this child
is pure sweetness. She will give you the biggest smile
as her eyes are full of tears because of pain.
She has allowed me to rock her and all know how
much this Auntie lil loves to rock her babies.
Malaina has made having your tonsils out seem
like a easy feat. I love her so!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

two posts in one day...

but had to add pics of our Jilly-bean!
If she gets any sweeter I will not be able to contain myself...
she comes today to her Mumsie's house for the first time ever...
I can smell her already!!!


I fought it and stomped about it and insisted
that I was not going to give in.
Then a funny thing happened.
I became a Mumsie and jealous of all those
with iphones who get pictures of my Jilly-bean and
I was left out.
I had talked about it for a while, my Sprint contract
is up in September so I was going to wait until then.
Yet, yesterday I just couldn't resist.
I gave in to the technology monster
and bought an Iphone.
Now I feel like
an old lady trying to learn how
to use a washing machine in the 40's.
This contraption is intimating me so now
I carry the old texting phone with the new phone
just in case I can't figure out how to do something
and "NEED" to get in touch with someone.
I can't used to the fact that there in the palm of my
hand is mostly everything I can do on my computer.
Overwhelming for a woman like me in her late 40's.
Baby girl said she will come and give me tutorials and
promised that she won't loose her patience with me.
Was wondering last night why I made this big step,
even almost wishing I hadn't and then a message
from Cathy, Kd's mom with pictures of Jilly-bean attached
and right away was so glad I took the plunge.
I have a new number... if you have text, I have texted it to you.
If you don't text (get with the times)
I will email it to you.
Have a great Sunday, it will be another beauty!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bossypants??!! REALLY!

I was able to watch all 4 Plaisance children on Wednesday.
that doesn't happen often that I can have all 4 at once.
It was only for a few hours but I absorbed the time.
Owen and I, the bond we have is a special one.
He loves me, he loves me when he can get his way.
One thing you have to know about this third child.
He loves to play but hates, I mean hates to loose.
I can usually talk him through his melt-downs
but for whatever reason on this day after being coaxed
through a game of Father may I and red light/green light
he was tired of being corrected about the rules that I
wouldn't let him change.
When Baby Girl got here we decided to settle inside
for the game of spoons.
Owen was all excited to play.
I calmly explained to him that I would have no melt downs
if he wasn't doing well in the game.
I went on to do all my auntie lil things to explain to
him all about what a good sport means and that the game
was to be fun and we are all winners because we were
going to have fun.
He shook his cute little head with that big cheesy grin
that misses his first front two teeth right now.
He seemed to understand and was ready to show me he
could do this.
All was fine as myself, BG, Hughbee, Lucy and Owen
played spoons. Was fine that is until O and BG both grabbed
a spoon at the same time and his little grip was no match
for baby girl and he had to let go.
"Not fair, Jesi hit me, I don't have an s, I am not playing
this stupid game"
Aunt lil stepped in to say that he would not be able to play
because he had been warned about being a good sport and
he had broken the rules.
"I never even played, I didn't loose because I never played.
I don't want to play with Jesi she cheats"
He stomps away from the table to lay on the sofa to
play the gameboy where, if he wanted, he could always win.
We continued on with our game laughing and having a good time.
After about 20 minutes Owen pops from the sofa to announce
happily: "Okay, I am ready to play, ready to be a good sport,
redeal and start all over"
"Oh no" I explained to my 7 year old love "Sorry but you can't
play today. Next time you come to my house you will get another
chance but today you have forfeited you chance to play"
He didn't fuss or sulk he just laid back down on the sofa
to settle for Spongebob with Ellie-Pie.
Not long after, their parents came to retrieve them.
We discussed the incident and that was that.
I am not sure what transpired in the car ride home
but evidently his siblings squealed on him.
I understand he was not a happy camper on the trip
back to Golden Meadow which can be long if
you are the "odd guy out".
That night when being tucked in, his mother
being the wonderful momma that she is, decided to
give him a voice, the benefit of the doubt and let him
tell his 7 year old side of the story.
"What happened at Aunt Lil's house"
I imagine her asking her sweet little boy in his
PJ's tucked into his little child bed.
No one can explain a predicament better than Owen.
"Well everything was going fine, we were all having fun
until Aunt Lil decided to turn into Ms. bossypants"
His mother said she had trouble keeping a straight face.
So just add that name to my list of things to call me"
Lil, auntie lil, nannie, Mumsie and now

Friday, April 15, 2011

which parent does she resemble?

Baby boy sees much humor in the fact that since Jilly-bean
came into our world that women, especially those who are
closest to her believe they have to find the parent she looks
more like. He thinks it is comical that every comment from
the estrogen of the families are:
"She looks like kd"
"She looks like Roddie"
"There is some of Kd and Roddie in her"
He often wonders why can't she just look like her?
Why does she have to look like somebody?
Yet yesterday, while I got to study her all day I
realize that she really does just look like her
but she also sometimes looks like KD and there are those times
that she will do something or make a certain face and
she so reminds me of BB when he was a baby.
So now for the blog world to see the facts:
Jilly-Bean one month and one day old...
KD as a young-in, not sure how old but less than 2 months.
Kd again, I think it is quite funny that Kd and BB have the same
picture of them in their swings...
BB at two months old
BB on his baptism day.
For me I stick to my story.
She looks like both of them or as BB says, she looks
like herself.
Either way, she is the most precious, beautiful baby to me.
We did some good bonding yesterday.
Jilly-bean is beginning to smile and coo.
When she smiles she squints her cute little eyes and I want to
just squeeze her. She has one dimple on her left side
like her Nonky, Frankie, Kd's brother.
Coming home yesterday evening I reflected on my
time spent with her, of what a great job her Mommy is doing
with her. How lucky we all are.
BG spent the morning with us and that was an added bonus.
To see BG with Jilly-bean shows that soft side of BG
that is not always seen. She so loves her godchild.
Can't wait until Sunday when Jilly-bean makes her first trip
to her Mumsie and Gramps house.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

what do you call it?

Today I am heading to Plaquemine...
Yes for the whole entire day of baby love.
My first time to keep Jilly-bean all alone as her
Mommy goes and get her "hair did"
So, I have been thinking about what do you call this?
What should I call it when I get to keep the little
love of my life so her parents can do those things
that babies don't like?
I can't call it babysitting.
From my experiences, babysitting is something
that sounds like a chore, something you do
that has monetary value.
I will never call my time alone with Jilly-bean
babysitting for I am the fortunate one.
Looking forward to each time her parents ask
me for assistance with this precious girl.
I may call it Mumsie watching...
or maybe something even more special than that
but will never call it babysitting.
Baby sitting is something I used to do in the summer
for sister Veronica... now that was a chore... lol
just kidding, some of my best memories were from
those summers where the hardest thing was to
try and get Tiffy to keep her clothes on...
inside joke, hoping it will spark a laugh in her.
Loving the day that this will be!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

peacemakers unite

At the Woman of God conference,
the bishop reminded us 100 some-odd women
that this is the year of peace.
That got me thinking, do I on an average day strive for peace?
I have a tendency for gossip especially when it is
negative yet it is not what I want to be.
A good story, whether true or not is hard to come by.
However, it is one of those things that I strive to change.
I want to see the good in others.
I want to try and bridge a gap that sometimes
hangs between two especially in families.
I try and see both sides and put my self in both sides shoes.
I fail big time often.
I do think that sometimes my words might make a difference to some.
I have the biggest chance when I make peace with my own
differences. I began at as a young adult to reflect on
my day each evening and try and make any mistakes I made that
day right. It is never easy apologizing when you know you have done
wrong but the peace comes when it does.
There have been times when my life that I didn't feel like asking for
forgiveness or felt like someone owed it to me and I didn't get it.
I have found over the course of my life that forgiveness is not
really for the other person but you release yourself when you forgive
from the chains that bind you when you are unforgiving.
Thinking of all of this I come across a definition
written by none other than one of my favorite people:
Martin Luther King
This is not a bad title to hold, I think...
may we all strive to make peace and do our part to make the
world a better place not only for us but for the children of
the world one being my Jilly-bean.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sometimes loosing is also winning...

Excuse me while I purge.
A few days ago I shared about bed wars.
Two nights ago I decided to end that nights war
by just going in Baby Girls' old bedroom which is now our
guest room. There is not much of her left in that room
but it is still her bedding and twin bed.
The minute I pulled down the covers and
bunked down in that little twin bed with it's
egg crate mattress and soft, soft sheets
I was in heaven. How did this little unknown secret
pass by me, I am not sure.
I slept there again last night.
This morning I took HOBL to the airport so I am sure
I will be sleeping in our own bed tonight.
Yet next time I have to bale, I won't think of it as loosing,
more like winning that little bed still smells like BG...
and I miss her sometimes...

Monday, April 11, 2011

A weekend retreat

Returned yesterday evening from a weekend
retreat at Lumen Christi which is about 15 minutes
from my house yet feels like a world away.
It is set in the woodlands of Schriever Louisiana
with a huge pond and areas to walk around and
meditate, contemplate, relax...
I was there for a 12 step retreat a program
that I have been in for 23 years.
Because it is an AA and Alanon retreat
there is not much I can share here due to
the anonymous fellowship that AA and Alanon follows.
Yet I can tell you that being surrounded by
50 other women who struggle or families struggle
with the disease of alcoholism
is alway full of miracles to me.
My roomate and I's story is a miracle in itself.
I have fallen out of the program over the last few years.
Still go to meetings most weeks but not really giving
back in the way I should.
I was reminded of that this weekend.
Just because HOBL is 23 years sober and BB 7,
there is still many out there suffering because of this
dreaded disease. I sat in those rooms and listened to their
stories and was hit with the statement,
"But for the Grace of God, go I"
So I have recommitted myself to the 12 step program
who helped to save my family not once but twice.
I am humbled once again to realize that if I don't give
my story back then the pain and tragedy of addiction
that we lived was for nothing...
and the one thing that I was once again reminded of
when I held our little Jillian in my arms,
no child born into our family is free from the chance
of being an addict.
I kept this thought to myself since little Jilly was born
but one of my first thoughts when I saw our precious little
girl born was,
"Please God, let this precious little girl be the generation
that ends addiction"
It scared me then and it continued to consume me through
the last few weeks since she has come into my life.
So I also have a responsibility to this child as her grandmother
to keep these 12 step programs alive, so they continue
to live and grow so that if, God forbid our Jillian
suffers, there is somewhere she can go, her parents can go
to find relief from the pain that surrounds addiction.

Friday, April 8, 2011

bed wars

It is a fact that HOBL and I struggle with our
sleep habits.
I often say that growing up I had my own room
then I got married and had to share and that
was just not right.
When the babies were young it was important
that we share a bedroom, for whatever
that taught them about being a married couple.
I am not going to lie, I longed for the day
I could sleep in my bed by myself all the time.
Part of this is the fault of having a marriage
that your love works away for extended periods of time.
Anyhoo, now HOBL and I cannot agree on sleep patterns.
Many nights he suffers from insomnia and lands up
sleeping on the sofa with all the pups.
Some nights we make an attempt to sleep in the
same bed all night.
Last night was one of those nights.
We lay down, he with the remote and his three pups
and me with my ereader.
All is quiet until his Ambien kicks in...
has to eat, which means he is getting up at least three
times for snacks. No biggie, right?
But everytime he gets up, the pups are up and moving
and barking and jumping out the bed.... UGh!!!
Then there is the blanket war.
I like my blankies all neat with no wrinkles and smoothly
over my whole body, HOBL has to mess all of them
up and kick his feet out of the bottom
then he has to add a fleece blanket over his body....
UGH times two!
OH then its lights out because he falls asleep with
the remote in his hands flipping channels.
He isn't sleeping he is "resting"
Oh whatever....
Okay so tv is off, lights are off...
the light snoring begins and then begins the bed wars.
I cannot take the snoring and he can't stand to "hear me breathe"
I swear... I cannot breathe...
All my thoughts on these nights are revolved around who will
make it the whole night in the bed and who will bale first.
He hits me in the head with his elbow.
I wake him up to make him turn on his side.
I put the dogs between his legs
he pulls my neat covers.
Last night is really bad because I am already having a not
so good night. Up at every hour to try and get comfortable
and shake the bed or shake the HOBL all in the hopes that
he will bale first.
At 2 am I am ready to call myself the biggest looser.
I am about to grab my pillow and go in the guest room
when by some miracle, HOBL wakes up from a dead sleep,
grabs his pillow and puppies and heads to the sofa.
I am breathing to loud.
Ahhhhh, finally I can sleep.
I won the bed war last night but the more I keep
thinking about it Lucy and Desi Arnez
had something going when they had
twin beds in their bedroom.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

big sista's surgery today

Prayers for the big sista, Mone who
undergoes her knee replacement surgery today.
After 8 weeks with temporary implanted
"cement knees" it seems that the bone
infection is finally cleared and she can
have the artificial knees replaced.
We are all hoping that this surgery
will put her on the road to recovery.
I am hoping that after this she will
be able to get intense rehab. so she
can once again be independent.
I want this for our Taunt but realize
that so much of it depends on her...
Prayers please...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i mean can she get any cuter?

One of KD's dear friends had a private grand opening
for a boutique she is opening in Brulle.
Our girl was invited and dressed in her
"little black dress"
for the occasion.
Oh a girl after our own heart,
already loves shopping...
was a good girl.
I so love her...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I like...

Loving this quote for some reason ;^)
BB went back to work today so the Riera home
will be a little different for the Jilly-bean and her mommy
tonight, not to mention for the deda that is many miles
in the Gulf of Mexico.
Love our Jilly-bean more than I ever thought possible!

Monday, April 4, 2011

book clubs via facebook

My dear friend, Lea knows how much I love to read
because we share that love.
I was touched by the fact that she asked if I wanted
to join a book club via facebook that she is in.
It seem as though monthly they read one book chosen
by the group and on a set date and time
we will all meet on facebook and discuss our take on the book.
Well, I as all over that!
So, I just purchased my first book for my ereader,
I am already in love with the book and the
book club idea.
The book is a true novel which are some of my favorite
and it is written by an older author,
maybe my Mom's age since the picture of her
in 1934 she is a teenager.
I am so pumped to begin reading the book and
will probably finish it in a few days.
Have decided that I will keep a small journal
(love the idea of any reason to use a journal)
to keep notes as I read.
So pumped about Lea thinking about me to join....
off to start my day,
going see my sweet Jilly bean this PM.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A weekend to remember

I head to Carencro early this morning
to pick up my sweet Cameron from her mom
for the weekend. I so look forward to my time
with this most special child.
Just being with her makes me happy.
She needs no entertainment,
she can be happy doing nothing but spending
time with us.
Today her Gammy is BBQing for us
and her Dad will be with us.
It's been a long time coming, spending
time with us and her Dad at the same time
His hard work at recovery has given him this
new privilege and I am so proud of him
but mostly, I am happy for Cami.
She deserves all the best in life
and I will do all I can, as her Nannie to make
sure she gets that.
It'll be a great weekend!
Blog you guys on Monday I am checking out
for a fun weekend.
Love and safety to all!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

WOG conference

What an inspirational night it was to
be at the Woman of God conference last night.
My sisters aside from Mone who remains in the hospital,
and my Tedi-girl and Rebecca were all there to give
family support and for some of them,
it is the first time they actually hear the story
of the Riera life and how I, because of God,
understood how very fortunate I have been.
So many of my old friends were there,
Laurie and Lindsey,
Camille and lea,
Lena and Roxy,
Rachel and Antoinette,
and so many other people from my past.
Sad part is so many came to me after to share that
they too were living some of the hell that comes with
drug addiction in a family.
Wish this disease could be wiped right off the face of the Earth.
Yet, it lives on and it will take people with big mouths
such as me to spread the word of hope and help for
those families that are suffering.
I Love speaking in front of audiences but I mostly
love that hopefully my testimony has helped someone else
to find peace and serenity because what was it all for
if not to share with others?
We have been the fortunate ones to have beat
the dreaded disease in our immediate family two times.
We are blessed and as I promised God many years ago,
I will tell this story every time asked,
shout it from the rooftops in thanksgiving for
what He, the ultimate Big Man has given us.
Having peace and serenity are two of the the things
I prize the most, two things that money cannot buy
that are priceless to those who are blessed enough
to find them.
I don't know why I have been so blessed,
why the tragedies in my life has always turned into miracles
but I will never take them for granted and if
this "diarrhea of the mouth" issue is how
I show my thanks then so be it.
So glad that I know my God and He understands me,
and I will end with my favorite quote again because
every time I say it, I believe in it that much more:
albert camus